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Fishing Waders

Explore our premium Fishing Waders at Angling Active, your trusted source for high-quality angling gear. We offer a diverse range of fishing waders designed to elevate your fishing experience. Our selection includes chest waders, waist waders and thigh waders, all crafted with top-tier materials to ensure durability and comfort. Whether you're fly fishing in a river or angling in the sea, our waders will keep you dry and focused.

With options for men, women, and children, we cater to anglers of all ages and sizes. Our waders feature angler-specific details like reinforced knees and waterproof seals to enhance performance. Don't let water be a barrier to your fishing adventures. Invest in top-notch fishing waders from Angling Active and step confidently into your next angling journey. Shop now and gear up for success on the water!

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Scierra Helmsdale 20000 Stockingfoot Chest Waders
from £139.97 RRP £189.99
Scierra Helmsdale Stockingfoot Waist Waders - Breathable Fishing Waders
from £119.97 RRP £184.99
Vass Tex Junior Thigh Wader - Junior Waders
from £39.99
Scierra Helmsdale 20,000 Bootfoot Waist Waders - Angling Active
from £149.97 RRP £219.99
Simms Freestone Z Stockingfoot Chest Wader - Angling Active
from £529.00
Greys Tail Breathable Stockingfoot Waders - Angling Active
from £139.99
Vass Tex 700 Hybrid Chest Wader - Angling Active
from £139.99 RRP £149.99
Vass Tex Wader and Boot Hanger - Angling Active
Vass Tex 650 Series PVC Waist Waders - Angling Active
from £64.99 RRP £66.99
Simms Tributary Stockingfoot Wader - Breathable Fishing Waders
from £199.97 RRP £249.90
Simms Freestone Stockingfoot Waders - Breathable Fishing Waders
from £334.97 RRP £419.00
Simms Guide Classic Stockingfoot Waders - Breathable Fishing Chest Waders
from £599.00
Scierra Yosemite 30000 Stockingfoot Chest Waders - Breathable Fishing Waders
from £189.97 RRP £319.99
ProLogic Max5 XPO Neoprene Bootfoot Chest Waders - Fishing Waders
from £164.99 RRP £189.99
Scierra Kenai Neoprene Chest Waders - Stockingfoot Fishing Waders
from £99.97 RRP £129.99
Scierra Kenai Stockingfoot Chest Wader - Breathable Fishing Waders
from £92.97 RRP £129.99
Scierra Kenai Neoprene Bootfoot Waders - Fishing Chest Waders
from £99.97 RRP £174.99
Scierra Helmsdale Chest Stockingfoot Wader - Breathable Fishing Waders
from £159.99 RRP £184.99
Scierra Helmsdale Chest Bootfoot Waders - Breathable Boot Foot Fishing Waders
from £149.97 RRP £229.99
Daiwa Hybrid Chest Waders - Chest Waders - Hybrid Waders
from £129.99 RRP £154.99
Vass Tex 600 Series Chest Wader - Budget Fishing Waders
from £65.99 RRP £68.99
Vass Tex 600 Series Thigh Wader - Fishing Waders
from £64.99 RRP £66.99
Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Gunmetal - Angling Active
from £799.00
Fox Lightweight Camo Waders - Angling Active
from £69.97 RRP £84.99

What are waders for fishing?

Fishing waders are a critical piece of equipment for anglers, providing essential protection from water and the elements. They are available in a variety of styles and materials to suit different fishing conditions and individual preferences. The three primary types of fishing waders are chest waders, waist waders and thigh waders.

Chest waders are the most versatile option. They cover your body from your feet up to your chest, which allows you to wade up to your chest while keeping you dry. Waist waders, also known as hip waders, are similar to a pair of high waterproof pants and are ideal for fishing in shallow waters or where mobility on land is important. Finally, thigh waders extend from the foot to the thigh and are the lightest and most portable option, suitable for very shallow water fishing or quick visits to the water's edge.

Breathable, PVC (Rubber) & neoprene wader - comparison table

Wader Material Advantages Use Case
Breathable Lightweight, best performance! Mobile fishing
PVC Robust, reliable & affordable Allround, rough terrain
Neoprene Very warm Colder water, winter fishing

Materials used in waders also play a crucial role in their performance. PVC waders are an affordable choice and are fully waterproof. They're a solid option for infrequent use or in conditions where abrasion resistance is important. However, they don't breathe, which can lead to the build-up of condensation inside.

Neoprene waders are popular among fishermen who often find themselves in cold water environments. They provide excellent insulation and durability but like PVC, they do not breathe well. Neoprene thickness can be selected according to the climate you're fishing in, typically ranging from 3mm to 5mm.

The last type, breathable waders, are made of materials like Gore-Tex or other proprietary breathable fabrics. These waders allow moisture from sweat to escape, making them a comfortable choice for active fishing or warm weather. They are not as warm as neoprene waders, so in colder conditions, they're usually paired with warm base layers.

Before purchasing waders, consider the type of fishing you'll be doing, the climate and your need for mobility. Comfort, fit, durability and of course, your budget, should also be factored into your decision. Additionally, consider features such as reinforced knees, gravel guards, pockets, and built-in boots or stockingfoot designs, which require separate wading boots. Taking time to evaluate these factors will ensure you choose the right waders for your fishing adventures.

Wader Fit Be careful to choose the correct size of waders as waders that are too large or small for you will reduce their reliability. If too large the wader legs may chaff to together and create a weak area that will leak. Having waders too small will put pressure on the seams.

What are the best waders for fishing?

The best waders for fishing are ones that suit your specific fishing conditions and personal preferences. Factors to consider include the material (neoprene, Gore-Tex or breathable fabrics), type (chest, waist, or hip waders) and the specific environment you'll be fishing in (cold vs. warm water, still vs. moving water).

What waders should I buy for coldwater?

For coldwater conditions, neoprene waders are a popular choice due to their insulating properties. They come in varying thicknesses, with 3.5mm to 5mm being ideal for cold water. Additionally, look for waders with added insulation in the boot area, and always wear a suitable base layer underneath for added warmth.

What waders are best for river fishing?

For river fishing, where you might encounter fast-moving water and rocky substrates, it's essential to have durable waders with reinforced knees and a good grip on the boots. Breathable waders, such as those made from Gore-Tex, are preferred by many anglers as they allow moisture from sweat to escape, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Are gore-tex waders the best?

Gore-Tex waders are among the best in terms of breathability and durability. They are waterproof yet allow moisture from perspiration to escape, making them ideal for active anglers or those fishing in warmer conditions. While they are often more expensive, their longevity and comfort can justify the price for many anglers.

How do I choose the correct size of wader?

Choosing the correct size of wader is crucial for comfort and safety. Begin by referring to the manufacturer's sizing chart. Consider not only your regular clothing size but also your shoe size, inseam, and chest measurement. Remember to account for any layers you might wear underneath. It's advisable to try them on with the same type of clothing you plan to wear while fishing to ensure a proper fit.

Do I need separate boots for waders?

It depends on the type of waders you buy. Bootfoot waders come with attached boots, which can be convenient and offer a watertight seal. On the other hand, stockingfoot waders end in neoprene "socks" and require separate wading boots. Many anglers prefer stockingfoot waders because they offer a better fit and more boot style and sole options, which can be advantageous in varied terrains.