Predator Fishing Multiplier/Baitcaster Reels


Welcome to Angling Active's Pike & Predator Fishing Multiplier and Baitcaster Reels category, your best place to buy a new reel. Our carefully curated collection of multiplier and baitcaster reels is designed for pike fishing and to provide you with the precision, strength and control needed to land powerful predators like pike and perch.

Our Pike Fishing Multiplier/Baitcaster Reels are engineered for performance and durability. Crafted to handle the rigours of pike and predator fishing, they offer the sensitivity required for finesse presentations and the power to manage aggressive strikes. Whether you're casting large baits or trolling for trophy pike, our reels ensure every moment on the water is in pursuit of your angling dreams. Explore our range of versatile multiplier and baitcaster reels, each tailored for different predator fishing techniques and styles. Trust Angling Active to provide you with top-quality Multipliers and Baitcaster Reels, designed to rule the waters and secure your angling victories!

Are baitcaster reels good for pike?

Yes, baitcaster reels are excellent for pike fishing. They provide good line capacity, precise casting control and a strong drag system which is essential for handling powerful pike runs. Their design also allows for effective use of heavier lures and baits.

What is the best baitcaster reel for pike in the UK?

The best baitcaster reel for pike in the UK often depends on personal preferences, specific techniques and budget. Some reputable brands that are popular among pike anglers include Abu Garcia, Shimano and Daiwa. Models like the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur series have been long-standing favorites for pike fishing in the UK.

Are multiplier reels better for predator fishing?

Multiplier reels, often used synonymously with baitcaster reels, can be very effective for predator fishing. Their design allows for greater control when casting, which can be crucial when using larger or heavier lures typical in predator fishing. However, whether they're "better" or not can depend on the specific fishing scenario and angler preference. Both spinning reels and multipliers have their place in predator fishing.

What is the difference between a standard multiplier reel and a low profile baitcaster reel?

A standard multiplier reel, often round in shape, typically has a larger line capacity and is built for heavier duty applications. It's designed to handle larger lures and bigger fish. On the other hand, a low profile baitcaster reel has a more ergonomic design, making it comfortable for casting and retrieving lures all day. Low profile baitcasters are often preferred for freshwater spin fishing or any situation where the angler needs to cast and retrieve frequently.

Are multiplier reels superior because the line comes directly off the spool rather than a line winder like a fixed spool?

The direct line off the spool in multiplier reels offers certain advantages, including less line twist and potentially more casting accuracy. This design can provide smoother and longer casts since there's less friction as the line leaves the reel. However, whether this makes them "superior" is subjective. Fixed spool reels have their own advantages, such as ease of use, versatility and fewer backlashes. The choice between the two often comes down to the specific fishing technique and personal preference.

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