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Fishing Hip & Chest Packs

Experience convenience on your fishing adventures with our Hip & Chest Packs. Designed for easy access to gear, these packs are ideal for anglers who need quick access to essentials like flies, lures and tools. Whether you're wading through rivers or casting from the bank, our range of packs offers the perfect solution to keep your gear organized and within reach.

Explore our selection of fishing hip and chest packs, featuring various sizes and styles, including waterproof options to protect your valuables. With trusted brands and durable materials, these packs are built to withstand the rigours of fishing. Shop now and elevate your fishing experience with Angling Active!

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Simms Freestone Chest Pack - Fishing Bags Luggage
from £89.90
Vision Aqua Handles - Angling Active
Special Price £74.99 RRP £84.99
Abu Garcia Hip Bag - Fishing Luggage Packs
Special Price £27.99 RRP £32.99
Fishpond San Juan Vertical Chest Pack
Special Price £53.99 RRP £59.99
Simms Flyweight Trash Pod - Luggage Rubbish Clean Up Bag
from £26.99
Fishpond Cross Current Chest Pack System - Fishing Clothing
from £149.99 RRP £169.99
Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Sling - Angling Active
from £219.99 RRP £279.99
Fishpond Encampment Lumbar Pack - Angling Active
Special Price £84.99 RRP £99.99
Fishpond Blue River Chest/Lumbar Pack - Angling Active
Special Price £74.99 RRP £89.99
Rivalley WP Hip Pack Grey - Angling Active
Fishpond Waterdance Pro Guide Pack - Angling Active
Special Price £134.99 RRP £159.99
Fishpond Elkhorn Lumbar Pack Pebble - Angling Active
Special Price £104.99 RRP £119.99
Fishpond Waterdance Guide Pack - Angling Active
Special Price £96.99 RRP £109.99
Fishpond Switchback Pro Wading Belt System - Angling Active
Special Price £149.99 RRP £179.99
Simms Freestone Hip Pack - Fishing Bags Packs
from £139.90
Fishpond Canyon Creek Chest Pack - Fishing Luggage Bags
Special Price £79.99 RRP £89.99
Simms Tributary Hip Pack - Fly Fishing Accessories
from £64.90
Simms Flyweight Small Pod - Angling Active
Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Lumbar Pack - Angling Active
from £239.99 RRP £279.99
Rapala Countdown Hip Pack - Outdoor Fishing Essential Tackle Storage
Special Price £30.99 RRP £32.99
Fishpond Thunderhead Chest Pack Eco Shale - Angling Active
Special Price £179.99 RRP £199.99
Daiwa Waist Pack - Fishing Bags Luggage
Special Price £49.99 RRP £51.99
Simms Dry Creek Z Hip Pack - Fishing Tackle Luggage and Bags
from £199.90
Greys Chest/Back Pack - Fishing Rucksacks Bags Luggage
Special Price £72.99 RRP £74.99

Are chest and hip packs any good for fishing?

Fishing hip packs are designed for anglers who require quick, easy access to their fishing gear without the bulkiness of a traditional tackle box or backpack. Typically made from durable, water-resistant materials like nylon or polyester, these packs feature multiple compartments and pockets to hold essential items like flies, lures, pliers and other small tools. High-performance fishing hip packs often come with added features such as waterproof zippers, adjustable straps for a secure fit and even built-in rod holders. These packs are ideal for wade fishing or any scenario where mobility is key, allowing the angler to move freely while still having all essential gear within arm's reach.

Fishing chest packs are similar to hip packs in their aim to provide convenient storage for fishing gear, but they are worn on the chest, making it even easier to access stored items without having to remove the pack. These packs are commonly used in fly fishing and are perfect for storing fly boxes, tippets and other small accessories. Made from water-resistant or waterproof materials, high-performance chest packs often feature multiple pockets and compartments with secure closures to keep gear organised and dry even when wading. Many also offer modularity, allowing the angler to attach additional pockets or tool holders as needed.

Both fishing hip packs and fishing chest packs are engineered for performance, convenience and quick access to gear. The choice between the two often comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of your fishing style. Hip packs offer the advantage of lower body weight distribution and are generally less obtrusive, making them great for longer walks to fishing spots. Chest packs, on the other hand, offer the ultimate in quick-access convenience, placing your most-used items literally at chest level for easy retrieval. Regardless of your choice, these high-performance packs provide a streamlined, efficient way to carry and access your essential fishing gear.