Pike / Predator Floats

Pike fishing floats are available in a range of sizes and shapes used for different styles of fishing and bait presentations. Pencil floats which are attached bottom end only are typically used for float ledgering, where a bait is presented anchored to the bottom with the float on the surface providing visual bite indication. Slider style floats, where the line runs through the centre of the float, are normality used when suspending liver or dead baits off the bottom. A weight is used above the trace with the bait to set the float, larger floats are used for bigger baits and when fishing at range while smaller floats are perfect for smaller size baits and can be used when fishing for other predatory species, such as perch or zander.
Specialised floats such as drifter floats can be used to fish baits at extreme ranges by using the wind to drift the float further than it would be possible to cast. Vaned floats, with dart type vanes on the top improve visibility and are also useful in choppy conditions or when casting further out.
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