Pike & Predator Mainlines


Advance your predator fishing with our premium mono and braid mainlines! Buy the right line, feel the difference and make every catch count. Purchase the perfect mainline for your pike & predator fishing needs and optimise every cast. For the bait fishing enthusiasts, monofilament lines remain a top choice. Its exceptional abrasion resistance makes it ideal for ledgering baits, while its inherent stretchability absorbs the intense lunges from your trophy catches, ensuring a smoother fight.

On the other hand, if lure fishing is more your style, our braided fishing lines are designed to excel. Anglers will feel the slightest nibble with its increased sensitivity, courtesy of almost zero-stretch. Not only does this enhance your connection with the lure, but it also amplifies your ability to animate lures with precision. But that's not all! Explore our range of heavy braids, especially recommended for deadbaiting. With strengths ranging from 50-100lb, these lines ensure minimal stretch, perfect for long-range casts. Plus, their enhanced strength simplifies the task of freeing your terminal tackle from those pesky snags.

What is the best fishing line for pike and perch?

The ideal fishing line for pike and perch often depends on the specific technique and conditions. Generally, braided line is favored for its sensitivity, making it excellent for lure fishing. For bait fishing, especially when using live or dead bait, many anglers prefer monofilament because of its forgiving amount of stretch, which can help absorb the lunges of a fish.

What colour of line is best for pike and perch fishing?

For pike and perch fishing, many anglers swear by green or moss-coloured lines as they blend well in most freshwater habitats. Clear or low-vis can also be effective, especially in clearer waters. However, it's crucial to note that while line colour might play a role, the most vital factor is often the line's visibility in the water and how well it presents the bait or lure.

What breaking strain of braid or mono should I use for pike and/or perch fishing?

For pike, a breaking strain of 20-30lbs is typically recommended, while for perch, 8-15lbs should suffice. These ranges cater to most situations, but it's always essential to adjust based on the size of the fish you're targeting and the structure of the habitat of your fishing location.

What is the minimum breaking strain for pike fishing?

The minimum recommended breaking strain for pike fishing is usually 15lbs for monofilament and 20lbs for braided line, but this can vary depending on the size of the pike in the specific area you're fishing.

Is braided line better than monofilament line?

Whether braided line is "better" than monofilament depends on the application. Braided line offers higher sensitivity, no stretch, and typically has a higher strength-to-diameter ratio, making it great for feeling subtle bites and working lures effectively. Monofilament, on the other hand, provides stretch which can be beneficial for absorbing hard hits and lunges. It's also less visible underwater. Both have their advantages, and the choice often boils down to the angler's preference and fishing scenario.

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