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Fishing Reel Cases & Covers

Protect your valuable fishing reels with our Fishing Reel Cases & Covers. When it comes to preserving the lifespan and performance of your reels, proper storage is key. Our selection includes a variety of cases and covers designed to shield your reels from dust, dirt, moisture and impacts during transportation. Choose from neoprene reel covers for a snug fit and extra cushioning, or opt for durable hard cases with customizable foam padding for a tailored fit.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, safeguarding your reels is essential. Browse our range at Angling Active to find the perfect reel case or cover to keep your gear in pristine condition, ready for your next fishing adventure!

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Simms GTS Reel Vault - Luggage Reels Fly Fishing Storage Case
from £99.90
Wychwood EVA Reel Case - Fishing Reel Storage Bags
from £34.99
Waterworks Lamson Nylon Multi Bag - Reel Case Bags
from £29.90
Shakespeare SKP Rod and Reel Protector - Tip Butt Protection Storage
Special Price £13.99 RRP £14.99
Snowbee Reel Brief - Fishing Luggage
Special Price £34.99 RRP £37.99
Fishpond Stowaway Reel Case - Angling Active
Special Price £99.99 RRP £119.99
Fishpond Ripple Reel Case - Angling Active
Special Price £63.99 RRP £69.99
Loon Outdoors Quickdraw Reel Case - Angling Active
from £18.99 RRP £19.99
IMAX Oceanic Reel Case - Fishing Reels Storage Bags
from £6.99 RRP £9.99
Hardy Neoprene Reel Case - Angling Active
from £11.99
Penn Neoprene Conventional Reel Covers – Angling Active
from £10.99 RRP £11.99
Savage Gear Neoprene Reel Cover - Reel Cases Bags
from £7.99 RRP £10.99
Wychwood Reel Bag - Fishing Reel Storage Case
Special Price £36.99 RRP £39.99
Greys Reel Case - Reel Spool Storage Bag Fly Fishing
Special Price £12.50 RRP £12.99
Waterworks Lamson Neoprene Reel Case - Fishing Reel Pouch bag
from £17.90
Snowbee Neoprene Fly Reel Bag
from £6.99
Penn Neoprene Spinning Reel Covers - Cases Bags
from £12.50 RRP £12.99
Abu Garcia Revo Neoprene Reel Covers - Spinning Reels Cases Bags
from £11.97 RRP £14.89
Wychwood Competition Fly Reel Storage Case - Fishing Reel Bag
Special Price £49.97 RRP £59.99

What can I use to protect my fishing reels in transport?

To protect your fishing reels during transport, you can use reel cases or protective reel pouches. These are specially designed to cushion and shield the reels from any potential damage. Additionally, you should ensure that the reel's drag system is loosened, to relieve tension on the internal components. Keeping reels separated from other equipment and avoiding piling heavy items on top of them can further prevent any potential harm.

What is a reel case used for?

A reel case is designed specifically to store and protect fishing reels during transportation or when not in use. It offers a secure and padded environment for the reel, safeguarding it from knocks, drops and external elements that may scratch their finish. This helps in prolonging the life of the reel and ensuring it remains in optimal working condition.

How many reels will a reel case hold?

The number of reels a reel case can hold varies depending on its design and size. Some reel cases are designed for a single reel, while others can accommodate multiple reels - 4 or even up to 10. There are multi-compartment cases available that can hold several reels separately, ensuring they don't scratch or damage each other. It's essential to choose a reel case based on the number of reels you wish to store and the size of the reels themselves.