Fishing Waders, Wading Boots & Footwear


Looking for the best Fishing Waders and Footwear? Angling Active is your trusted source for premium fishing gear. We offer a wide selection of waders, wading boots, wellies and fishing footwear designed to enhance your angling experience.

Our fishing waders are built to last and come in various styles, including chest waders and waist waders, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable in any fishing environment. Paired with our durable wading boots, you'll have the support and traction needed to navigate slippery riverbeds and rocky shores safely. We also carry a range of fishing boots and wellies. All our fishing footwear is designed with anglers in mind with features like non-slip soles and reinforced construction. Invest in the right fishing waders and footwear to keep you dry and comfortable on your next fishing trip.

Don't let uncomfortable gear hinder your fishing experience. Explore our Fishing Waders & Footwear selection and equip yourself for success in any fishing environment. Stay dry, stay sure-footed and make the most of your time on the water!

Should I buy waders for fishing or will fishing boots be ok?

It largely depends on the type of fishing you plan to do and the environments you'll be in. Waders are specifically designed for situations where you'll be entering the water, such as river or stream fishing. They keep you dry and can provide added insulation in colder waters. Fishing boots, on the other hand, are more suitable for bank or shore fishing where you won't be submerged in water. If you anticipate frequently wading into water, investing in waders would be beneficial. Otherwise, quality fishing boots might suffice.

Can I wear normal walking boots with stockingfoot waders?

While it's technically possible to wear regular walking boots with stockingfoot waders, it's not recommended. Stockingfoot waders are designed to be worn with wading boots that provide appropriate grip and support for slippery underwater terrains. Regular walking boots might not offer the necessary traction, and they could get waterlogged, making your fishing experience uncomfortable. It's best to use dedicated wading boots with stockingfoot waders for safety and comfort.

How do I stay safe when wading?

Staying safe while wading is paramount. Always wear a wading belt to prevent water from filling your waders if you fall. Using a wading staff can help you maintain balance on slippery or uneven surfaces. Familiarise yourself with the water's current and depth before entering and avoid wading in fast-moving or deep waters. Additionally, always be aware of underwater obstacles and drop-offs. Wearing proper wading boots with good grip will also increase your safety. Lastly, never wade alone; having a fishing buddy with you can be invaluable in case of emergencies.

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