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Fishing Trousers

Introducing Angling Active's Fishing Trousers collection, where comfort meets functionality on the water's edge. Our range of fishing trousers is designed to keep you comfortable and prepared for any angling adventure.

Crafted from durable materials, these trousers are tailored to endure the rigours of fishing, offering waterproof and breathable options for various conditions. Whether you're wading in rivers, bank fishing or on a boat, we have the ideal trousers to keep you dry and comfortable. Explore our selection of fishing trousers and don't let discomfort distract you from the thrill of fishing. Elevate your angling experience with Angling Active's Fishing Trousers!

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Jack Pyke Softshell Trousers - Fishing Pants Bottoms
from £52.95
Savage Gear Regenerator Joggers - Angling Active
from £45.99 RRP £54.99
Fox Green and Silver Lightweight Joggers - Angling Active
from £21.97 RRP £22.99
Simms Challenger Waterproof Bib - Angling Active
from £279.90
Hoggs of Fife Monarch II Moleskin Jeans - Angling Active
from £62.95 RRP £69.95
Simms Rogue Pants - Angling Active
from £149.90
Simms Challenger Sweat Pant – Angling Active
from £79.90
Greys Fin Fishing Trousers - Angling Active
from £79.99
Savage Gear SG4 Bib & Brace - Angling Active
from £119.99 RRP £129.99
Fox Collection Cargo Trousers - Angling Active
from £36.99 RRP £39.99
Savage Gear SG4 Combat Trousers - Angling Active
from £74.99 RRP £79.99
Vass Tex 350 Unlined Bib and Brace - Angling Active
from £59.99 RRP £62.99
Fox Collection Jogger - Angling Active
from £31.99 RRP £34.99
Scierra Helmsdale Fishing Trousers
from £39.97 RRP £89.99
Simms CX Bib - Waterproof Breathable Bib and Brace Trousers
from £429.00
Highlander Munro Walking Trousers - Outdoor Fishing Pants Clothing
from £49.99
Highlander Tempest Waterproof Trousers - Fishing Clothing Pants
from £42.99 RRP £44.99
Daiwa Game Bib & Brace - Waterproof Breathable Fishing Trousers
from £79.97 RRP £130.00
Fox Rage RS Triple Layer Salopettes - Fishing Clothing
from £134.99 RRP £149.99
Simms Dockwear Trousers - Outdoor Fishing Casual Clothing
from £89.97 RRP £99.90
Fox Rage RS 10K Ripstop Trousers - Waterproof Breathable Fishing Pants
from £55.99 RRP £59.99
Fox Green and Silver Unlined HD Trousers
from £55.99 RRP £59.99
Fox Green and Silver Combats - Angling Active
from £32.99 RRP £34.99
Fox Green and Silver Joggers - Angling Active
from £34.99 RRP £37.99

What are good fishing trousers?

Good fishing trousers are those that provide comfort, protection from the elements and functionality for anglers. Features to look for include water-resistance or waterproofing, breathability, durable materials and multiple pockets for tackle storage.

Are all fishing trousers waterproof?

No, not all fishing trousers are waterproof. While many are designed to be water-resistant or water-repellent, only those with specific waterproof membranes or coatings are truly waterproof. It's essential to check the product specifications or labels when purchasing.

Do fishing trousers have pockets?

Yes, most fishing trousers come equipped with pockets, designed to provide storage options for anglers. These pockets can range from simple hand pockets to larger cargo pockets suitable for tackle and other essentials.

What is a fishing bib and brace waterproof and why are they better than trousers?

A fishing bib and brace is a type of outerwear that covers the lower body and the chest, held up by straps over the shoulders. They are particularly useful for boat fishing or fishing in heavy rain while sitting because they offer more coverage than traditional trousers. Many anglers find them better than trousers as they provide added protection from water entry, especially when bending or sitting, and often come with added features like large front pockets or reinforced knee areas.

Do Gore-Tex make fishing trousers?

While Gore-Tex itself doesn't manufacture fishing trousers, they produce a waterproof and breathable membrane that is incorporated into fishing trousers by various brands. Many top fishing apparel brands use like Simms use Gore-Tex technology in their trousers to ensure waterproofness and breathability.