Sea Fishing Baits

Welcome to our Sea Fishing Bait category, your source for enticing offerings that will lure in the ocean's finest. Whether you prefer the reliability of frozen bait or the versatility of artificial lures, we have the bait you need for successful sea fishing adventures.

Our selection includes a variety of frozen baits, carefully curated to attract a wide range of saltwater species. From squid and mackerel to sand eels and more, our frozen offerings are a dependable choice for sea anglers. For those who enjoy the art of deception, explore our collection of artificial baits. These lifelike lures mimic the appearance and movement of real prey, enticing fish with irresistible presentations. Dive into our Sea Fishing Bait category now and prepare for unforgettable angling experiences on the open seas!

Sea Bait Options

Frozen sea bait

Is a popular choice among sea anglers. This includes a wide variety of species such as mackerel, squid, sand eels and lugworms. These baits are frozen shortly after being caught to maintain their freshness and scent. Frozen bait is convenient and widely available, making it a good choice for many sea fishing situations. Anglers typically thaw out the bait before use (but not essential) and some prefer to enhance it with additives or oils for additional attraction.

Artificial baits

A common alternative to natural baits in sea fishing. These include soft jelly lures that mimic the shape and movement of prey species. Artificial baits are durable, easy to store and can be very effective for a wide range of species. They are particularly popular for lure fishing techniques, but can also be used for other methods such as trolling or bottom fishing.

Bait additives

These are popular substances that can be applied to baits to make them more attractive to fish. These can include scent attractants, flavorings or color enhancers. Additives can be used with both natural and artificial baits to increase their effectiveness. Some additives come in the form of a spray or gel that can be easily applied to the bait, while others are mixed into the bait itself. It's important to choose an additive that is suitable for the species you are targeting, as different fish can be attracted to different scents or flavors.

Fish oil For Sea Fishing

Is a particular type of bait additive that is commonly used in sea fishing. It is derived from various fish species and is known to attract a wide range of sea fish. Fish oil can be applied to both natural and artificial baits, and it can also be used to create a scent trail in the water to draw fish towards your bait. Some anglers even add fish oil to their chum or groundbait mixes for additional attraction. As with other additives, it's important to ensure that the use of fish oil is allowed in your specific fishing location as some areas have restrictions on its use.