Sea Fishing Swivels

Sea fishing swivels are used to help prevent twist in the line when casting and retrieving, both when bait fishing and lure fishing. When bait fishing swivels are commonly added to the top of rigs, they allow the line to easily be tied to the end of the rig via the swivel and prevent line twist. Swivels are often incorporated into rigs too – they can be used to join two parts of the rig, such as the rig body and snood or smaller swivels are often crimped in place in on the rig body to allow snoods or droppers to hand off them at set intervals.
When lure fishing a swivel is often added a couple of feet above the lure, this helps stop line twist throughout a day of casting and retrieving lures. Clip swivels, swivels with clips or snaps built in, are often used to attach the lure. They allow lures to be quickly and easily removed and changed without having to cut the line.
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