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Sea Fishing Swivels & Clips

Welcome to our Sea Fishing Swivels and Snaps category, where versatility and strength are your keys to success on the open water. At Angling Active, we offer an array of top-tier swivels and snaps designed to enhance your sea fishing experience.

Our Sea Fishing Swivels and Snaps are meticulously crafted to provide reliable connections between your terminal tackle and mainline, eliminating twists and tangles while ensuring the strength to tackle formidable catches. Explore our range of barrel swivels, rolling swivels, and quick-change snaps, each engineered for durability and precision. Trust Angling Active to provide you with the highest-quality sea fishing swivels and snaps, ensuring your bait presentation is on point and your catches are secure. Elevate your angling game—Shop now!

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Leeda Icon Rolling Swivels - Fishing Tackle
from £1.65
Gemini Genie Stainless Steel Swivels - Terminal Fishing Tackle
from £2.99
Fladen Fishing Diamond Eye Swivel - Terminal Tackle Swivels
from £1.75
Fladen Fishing Crane Swivels - Terminal Fishing Tackle
from £1.99
Gemini Premium Pulley Swivels - Sea Fishing Rig Components Terminal Tackle
Fladen Fishing Coastlock Swivels - Fishing Terminal Tackle
from £1.50
Tronixpro Interlocking Snap Swivel - Terminal Tackle Swivels
from £1.99 RRP £2.25
Madcat BB Swivel With Crosslock Snaps - Fishing Terminal Tackle Swivels
from £4.99 RRP £6.99
Breakaway Cascade Swivels - Sea Fishing Terminal Tackle Bait Clips
Mustad Black Barrel Swivel and Snap - Terminal Tackle Swivels
from £2.15 RRP £2.25
Fladen Fishing Swivel Crimps - Sea Fishing Terminal Tackle
from £2.49
VMC Switch Snap And Swivel - Sea Predator Game Terminal Tackle
from £2.75
VMC Stainless Ball Bearing Swivel - Sea Fishing Terminal Tackle
from £8.95
VMC Switch Snaps - Terminal Tackle
from £2.75
American Fishing Wire Mighty Mini Crane Swivel - Angling Active
Trident Tackle Dynaform - Sea Fishing Rig Components
Cox And Rawle Power Swivel - Angling Active
from £2.15
Cox And Rawle Corkscrew Snaps - Angling Active
from £4.45
Cox And Rawle Three-Way Swivel - Angling Active
Cox And Rawle Ball Bearing Swivel - Angling Active
Cox And Rawle Cascade Rolling Swivel - Angling Active
Cox And Rawle Rough Ground Clip - Angling Active
Seadra Super Strong X3 Rolling Swivel - Angling Active
from £4.50
Inova Rapid Snood Clip - Angling Active
Special Price £3.45 RRP £3.99

What Size of Swivels for Sea Fishing?

The size of the swivels used in sea fishing largely depends on the type of fishing you are planning to do, the species you are targeting and the tackle you are using. For lighter setups targeting smaller species, smaller and lighter swivels may suffice. However, when fishing for larger species in sea conditions, it's often recommended to opt for stronger, larger swivels that can withstand higher levels of tension. Another important consideration is the compatibility of the swivel size with your line and hooks; you'll want a balanced setup where the swivel is neither too large nor too small relative to the rest of your tackle. When fishing in a harsh saltwater environment, make sure to also consider the material of the swivels, as corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel or brass are typically preferred.

How Do I Use a Bait Clip?

A bait clip is a useful tool in sea fishing that helps to streamline your bait's presentation and improve casting distance. To use a bait clip, first attach it to your leader line or directly to your rig, depending on the specific type of clip and rig setup. Then, prepare your hook and bait as you normally would. Once your bait is secured to the hook with bait elastic or your preferred method, proceed to attach the hook to the bait clip. The bait clip holds the bait close to the mainline during the cast, reducing drag and allowing for longer, more accurate casts. Upon hitting the water, the impact or the tug of the line usually releases the hook from the clip, allowing your bait to float or sink naturally, depending on your fishing technique.

How Do I Present Bait for Sea Fishing?

The presentation of bait in sea fishing is crucial for success, as it needs to be both appealing to fish and appropriate for the fishing conditions. Presentation can vary widely depending on the type of bait used, whether it's live, cut or artificial. When using natural bait like squid or fish strips, securing the bait properly on the hook is paramount. Using bait elastic can be very helpful in achieving a secure, natural-looking bait presentation. The goal is to make the bait look as natural as possible while also ensuring it stays on the hook during casting and reeling. For artificial baits like lures or flies, the presentation relies more on the angler's ability to mimic natural prey movements through casting and reeling techniques. Regardless of the bait type, always take into consideration the target species' natural prey and try to mimic it as closely as possible for the most effective presentation.