Hokkais & Lure Rigs

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Welcome to Angling Active's Hokkais & Lure Rigs category, the definitive destination for enhancing your boat fishing adventures. Our carefully selected range of hokkais and feather lure rigs is designed to elevate your saltwater angling game, ensuring you attract a wide array of species while offshore.

Our Hokkais & Lure Rigs are expertly crafted to mimic the appearance and movement of prey, making them irresistible to predatory fish. These rigs are pre-made for your convenience, eliminating the hassle of assembly and ensuring you're ready to cast and reel in big catches. Explore our diverse collection of hokkais, feathered lures, and attractor rigs, each tailored for different saltwater species and fishing scenarios. Whether you're targeting cod, pollack, or other prized catches, our hokkais and lure rigs are designed to increase your chances of success. Trust Angling Active to provide you with top-tier Hokkais & Lure Rigs, enhancing your boat fishing experience and increasing your chances of landing trophy fish!

What Is a Hokkai Rig?

A Hokkai rig is a popular saltwater fishing rig often used in sea fishing, particularly in the United Kingdom and other European countries. The rig typically consists of a series of feathered hooks or lures attached to snoods, which are then connected to a mainline or leader. The design allows for multiple bait presentations and is particularly effective when targeting schooling fish. The Hokkai rig is usually used in drift fishing or bottom fishing and is especially popular for targeting species that are attracted to colorful, fluttering lures. The hooks on a Hokkai rig can be baited for added scent or used as-is, taking advantage of the lure's inherent attractiveness to fish.

What UK Sea Species Can I Catch With a Hokkai Rig?

In the United Kingdom, a Hokkai rig is versatile and can be employed to catch a variety of sea species. The rig is particularly effective for species that are attracted to bright colors and movement, such as mackerel and herring. Other species you can target with a Hokkai rig include pollock, whiting and cod. Depending on how you bait the hooks, you could also catch flatfish like plaice or flounder. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of a Hokkai rig may vary depending on the fishing conditions, including water depth, clarity and current, as well as the specific preferences of the fish species you're targeting. Therefore, it might require some experimentation and adaptation to optimize the rig for your specific fishing scenario.

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