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Coarse fishing tools and accessories are essential items for the coarse angler. The items within this category are all designed to make your time spent by the water more productive and enjoyable. We have a range of braid, monofilament and Fluorocarbon lines designed for coarse fishing. To ensure you never miss another fish we have advanced electronic bite alarms from Chub and Fox to monitor your rods for those delicate twitches as the fish inspects your bait. Our selection of fish care products and coarse fishing nets have been chosen to help you land then care for your catch before it is released. Finally our range of tools specific to coarse fishing includes bait moulds and baiting needles as well as catapults and hook disgorgers.
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Fox Edges Bait Floss - Rig Components
Berkley Portable line spooler max
Special Price £39.99 RRP £49.99
Fox Black Label Mini Swinger - Angling Active
from £19.99
ProLogic C-Series Twin Support 3 Rod Pod – Angling Active
Special Price £62.99 RRP £69.99
Reuben Heaton Standard Angling Flag Scale Scotland - Angling Active
Special Price £67.99 RRP £74.99
Reuben Heaton Timescale Anglers Clock - Angling Active
Special Price £43.99 RRP £46.99
Reuben Heaton Weigh Bar - Angling Active
Special Price £13.99 RRP £14.99
Reuben Heaton Flyweight MK2 12lb x 0.5oz - Angling Active
Special Price £22.99 RRP £24.99
Midi X Spomb – Angling Active
Allcock Chain Drop Off Bite Indicator
Special Price £4.50 RRP £4.99
Allcock Pendulum Drop Off Indicator - Angling Active
Allcock Pendulum Drop Off Adjustable Head Indicator - Angling Active
Daiwa N'Zon EXT Landing Net Handle - Angling Active
Special Price £52.99 RRP £59.99
Fox Warrior Bivvy Table - Angling Active
Greys Klip-Lok Flip Top Perforated Bait Box - Angling Active
from £6.75 RRP £6.99
Fox Edges Easy Splice Needle - Angling Active
Dinsmores Sprial Banksticks - Metal Rod Rest Holder Pole
from £10.49
Dinsmores Poly Top Rod Rest - Angling Active
Prologic Deluxe Butt Klinger Rod Rest
from £6.49 RRP £7.49
Drennan Quiver Rest
Dr Slick Eco Black Nipper with Pin
Special Price £6.99 RRP £7.99
Leeda Rogue Buzz Bars - Rod Pod Bank Stick Holders
from £11.99
Dinsmores Bankstick Selection - Rod Rest Holder Coarse Fishing Accessories
Special Price £22.99 RRP £24.99
Leeda Rogue Pack Rod - Bait Ledger / Feeder Fishing Rod Holder
Special Price £44.97 RRP £59.99