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Fishing Hats, Gloves & Socks

Explore our range of fishing hats and gloves at Angling Active, where protection meets style. When you're out on the water, shielding yourself from the elements is crucial. Our selection includes a variety of hats, from traditional wide-brimmed sun hats to warm and waterproof options for colder days. Stay comfortable and focus on your catch, knowing you're protected from sun, rain, and wind.

Our fishing gloves are designed for angling enthusiasts, providing grip and dexterity. With options suitable for various weather conditions, you can ensure your hands are always ready to handle your fishing gear. Angling Active offers quality brands and materials to keep you covered and comfortable during your fishing adventures. Browse our collection now and find the perfect hat and gloves for your next outing!

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Daiwa D Cap - Baseball Fishing Hats Headwear
Simms Cardwell Trucker Dark Olive
Greys Scene Hat
Greys Skeleton Hat
Greys Captain Hat – Angling Active
Fishpond Heritage Lightweight Cap - Angling Active
Special Price £27.99 RRP £29.99
Fishpond Trout Hat - Angling Active
Special Price £27.99 RRP £29.99
Fishpond Pescador Trucker Cap - Angling Active
Special Price £27.99 RRP £29.99
Simms Exstream Neoprene Glove – Angling Active
from £94.90
Le Chameau Vierzon Socks - Angling Active
from £39.99 RRP £45.00
Simms Gore-Tex Exstream Fold Over Mitt – Angling Active
from £62.97 RRP £89.90
Simms Sunshield Cap – Angling Active
Fox Collection Beanie Hat - Angling Active
from £9.49 RRP £9.99
Simms Guide Guard Socks - Angling Active
from £49.90
Fox Collection Bobble Hat - Angling Active
from £10.99 RRP £11.99
Savage Gear SG4 Cap - Fishing Baseball Hats
Special Price £14.99 RRP £19.99
Simms Merino Midweight OTC Sock - Fishing Socks Accessories
from £39.90
Simms Everyday Beanie - Fishing Hat
from £34.90
Simms Tech Trucker - Fishing Baseball Caps Hats
from £42.90
Daiwa Neck Scarf - Fishing Balaclava Buff Neck Gaiter
from £9.99
Highlander Thinsulate Ski Hat - Fishing Beanies Hats
from £9.99
Savage Gear Polar Winter Hat - Fishing Winter Hats
Special Price £23.99 RRP £29.99
Fox Rage Shield Trucker Hats - Fishing Baseball Cap
Daiwa Thermal Beanie Hat - Thermal Winter Hats

What type of hats are used for fishing?

Fishing hats come in a variety of styles to cater to different weather conditions and personal preferences. Common types include wide-brimmed hats, which protect against sun exposure; bucket hats, which offer all-around brim protection; baseball caps for general use; and wool or fleece beanies for colder conditions. Some hats even come with features like neck flaps for added sun protection or mesh ventilation for warmer climates.

What type of gloves are used for fishing?

Fishing gloves are designed with various features to suit different fishing environments. Some common types include fingerless gloves, which provide dexterity while still offering palm protection; full-fingered waterproof gloves for cold and wet conditions; and neoprene gloves that offer both insulation and water resistance. There are also specialised gloves with reinforced grips or with UV protection for sunny days.

What type of socks are available for fishing?

Fishing socks are tailored to provide comfort and protection during fishing trips. Some of the popular types include thermal or insulated socks for cold-weather fishing, moisture-wicking socks to keep feet dry and neoprene socks for added warmth and water resistance. For wading, there are also ankle-high or even knee-high socks that provide extended coverage and protection.

Are hats, gloves, or socks a good Christmas present for an angler/fisherman?

Absolutely! Hats, gloves and socks are essential accessories for anglers, making them thoughtful and practical gifts. A quality hat can offer protection against the sun, rain or cold, enhancing the fishing experience. Gloves are invaluable in colder conditions, while also providing grip and protection when handling fish or equipment. Quality socks, especially those designed specifically for fishing, can offer comfort during long hours on the water and ensure feet remain warm and dry. Any of these items would be a welcomed gift for an angler, whether they're a seasoned pro or just starting out.