Fishing Thermals


When it comes to staying warm during your fishing expeditions, our Fishing Thermal Clothing collection has you covered. Angling Active offers a wide selection of thermal wear designed to keep you comfortable in cold weather. From thermal tops and bottoms to insulated hoodies, we provide the perfect gear to combat chilly conditions.

Our thermal clothing is crafted from high-quality materials that offer both insulation and moisture-wicking properties, ensuring you stay dry and warm while fishing. Whether you're angling in colder seasons or just prefer extra warmth, our thermal clothing is designed to meet the needs of every angler. Don't let the cold keep you from your passion; shop at Angling Active and fish in comfort!

Why is it important to wear many layers when fishing in cold weather?

Wearing multiple layers in cold weather is crucial because it helps trap warm air close to the body and provides better insulation. Each layer serves a unique purpose: the base layer wicks away moisture; the middle layer retains body heat, and the outer layer protects against external elements like wind and rain. By wearing multiple layers, an angler can easily regulate their body temperature by adding or removing layers as the conditions change, ensuring they remain comfortable and focused on fishing.

What is a wicking skin base layer?

A wicking skin base layer is a garment designed to draw moisture away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly. This process, known as "wicking," helps to keep the wearer dry and comfortable, especially during physical activities. For anglers, a wicking base layer ensures that sweat is moved away from the skin, preventing them from feeling clammy or chilled in colder weather.

Why is it important to use performance fabrics in fishing clothing?

Using performance fabrics in fishing clothing is essential because they offer specific benefits tailored to the needs of anglers. These fabrics often possess properties such as moisture-wicking, UV protection, water resistance and breathability. They ensure that the wearer remains comfortable in various weather conditions, be it the scorching sun, heavy rain or cold winds. Additionally, performance fabrics are typically durable, allowing them to withstand the rigors of fishing activities.

Do I wear a mid layer fleece over a base layer?

Yes, a mid-layer fleece is typically worn over a base layer. The base layer works to wick away moisture from the skin, while the mid-layer fleece acts as an insulating layer, trapping heat to keep the angler warm. Fleece is particularly effective as a mid-layer due to its lightweight and breathable properties, ensuring warmth without causing overheating.

What are the advantages of merino wool base layers?

Merino wool base layers offer several advantages for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. First, merino wool has natural moisture-wicking properties, ensuring that the wearer stays dry and comfortable. Second, it has excellent temperature-regulating capabilities, meaning it can keep the user warm in cold conditions and cool in warmer conditions. Additionally, merino wool is known for its natural anti-microbial properties, which helps prevent odor build-up, allowing for extended use without frequent washing. Lastly, it is soft and non-itchy, ensuring comfort even during prolonged wear.

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