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Frozen Pike Baits

Welcome to Angling Active's Frozen Pike Baits category, where quality and convenience meet in your pursuit of monster pike. Our frozen bait selection is designed to provide you with top-tier options for tempting and landing these formidable freshwater predators.

Pike Fishing demands baits that maintain their integrity and scent. Our frozen baits, including smelt, roach, mackerel and more, are expertly chosen for their freshness and ability to preserve the irresistible qualities that pike find impossible to resist. With Angling Active, you have access to a range of high-quality frozen baits, ensuring you're prepared for your next pike fishing adventure. Trust us to provide you with bait that's as enticing as it is effective! Please note, our frozen bait is available in-store only.

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Baitbox Snake Launce
Baitbox Sprat Gold

What is pike frozen bait?

Pike frozen bait refers to fish species that are commonly used as bait for pike fishing and have been preserved through freezing. This ensures longevity and allows anglers to store bait for extended periods without it spoiling.

Why freeze pike bait?

Freezing pike bait helps in preserving its freshness, preventing it from decaying and maintaining its attractiveness to pike. Fresh bait can spoil quickly, especially in warm conditions. By freezing it, anglers can keep bait for longer durations, ensuring they always have a supply ready for their fishing trips.

What are the best prey species for frozen pike bait?

The best prey species for frozen pike bait include mackerel, lamprey, herring, sardines, smelt, trout and roach. The choice can vary based on regional availability and the specific preferences of local pike populations. These species have a strong scent and oily content, making them highly attractive to pike.

How do I rig frozen pike bait?

To rig frozen pike bait:

1. Allow the bait to partially thaw to make it easier to handle.

2. Using a strong and sharp hook, pierce through the bait. Depending on the size of the bait and the presentation desired, you can hook through the head, dorsal area or even the tail.

3. If using a treble hook, make sure at least one or two of the hook points are positioned outside the bait for better hook-up rates.

4. Ensure the hook point is exposed for effective hooking.

How do I store frozen pike bait when I am travelling?

When travelling with frozen pike bait:

Use a high-quality insulated cooler bag or icebox.

Fill the cooler with ice packs or frozen gel packs to maintain low temperatures.

Place the frozen bait in sealed bags to prevent moisture and other contaminants.

Check the bait periodically and replenish the ice pack if needed.

Keep the cooler out of direct sunlight and in the coolest part of your vehicle or boat.