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Fishing Rig, Leader & Storage Wallets

Explore our Fishing Rig and Leader Wallets, perfect for keeping your rigs and leaders organized and tangle-free. These wallets are designed with anglers in mind, featuring multiple compartments and durable materials to protect your rigs and leaders from wear and tear. Our range includes various sizes and styles to suit your needs, whether you're a sea angler, fly fisher or coarse angler. With secure closures and transparent pockets, you can quickly identify and access the rig or leader you need during your fishing adventures.

Stay prepared and efficient on the water with these essential accessories. Shop our Fishing Rig and Leader Wallets today to keep your tackle organized and your fishing experience hassle-free. Angling Active is your trusted source for high-quality angling gear!

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Tronixpro Single Rig Wallet - Fishing Rigs Carrier Holder
Scientific Anglers Absolute Leader Wallet - Angling Active
Scientific Anglers Shooting Head Wallet - Angling Active
Snowbee Saltwater Fly Wallet
from £18.99 RRP £19.99
Rio Headcase - Shooting Head Wallet Bag Luggage Storage
Rio Leader Wallet
Airflo Leader Wallet - Leaders Tips Storage
Rio Mesh Tip Wallet
Rio Mesh Shooting Head Wallet
Snowbee Leader Wallet - Lines Leaders Storage Bag
Special Price £9.99 RRP £10.49
Shimano Rig Wallet
Z-Man Bait BlinderZ - Luggage Lure Storage Bags
Special Price £16.97 RRP £18.99
Wychwood Sheepskin Fly Wallet - Fly Storage Case
Wychwood Foam Fly Wallet - Fly Storage Case

How do I store sea fishing rigs?

Storing sea fishing rigs properly is crucial to ensure their longevity and maintain their effectiveness. You can use a rig wallet or rig binder, which offers multiple compartments or sleeves to store individual rigs. By securing the rigs in these compartments, you can prevent tangles and protect hooks and other components. Additionally, make sure the rigs are dry before storing to prevent rusting.

How do I store fly fishing leaders?

Storing fly fishing leaders properly is essential to keep them tangle-free and in good condition. Leader wallets or pouches are specifically designed for this purpose. These wallets usually have several clear, zippered pockets where leaders can be stored flat. It's also helpful to label each pocket with the leader's length and size for easy identification. Storing leaders in a cool, dry place will further ensure their longevity.

What is the best size of rig wallet?

The best size of a rig wallet depends on the angler's personal needs and the types of rigs they typically use. However, a good-sized wallet, which can comfortably fit inside a fishing tackle bag or box, is often suitable for most anglers. It provides enough space to store various rigs without being too bulky.

How many compartments does a rig wallet have?

The number of compartments in a rig wallet varies depending on the design and intended use. Typically, a rig wallet will have multiple sleeves or compartments to store individual rigs separately. Some may have 10-20 compartments, while larger or specialised wallets might have more. It's essential to choose a wallet with a sufficient number of compartments to cater to your specific storage needs.