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Penn Senator Star Drag Reel

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Description / Penn Senator Star Drag Reel

For nearly nine decades, the PENN Senator has stood as a testament to durability, reliability, and unparalleled performance. Since its inaugural launch in 1936, the Senator Series has etched its name in angling history as a universal and esteemed star drag reel. The PENN Senator Star Drag Reel continues this legacy, embodying a rugged design that has proven itself as an offshore workhorse, boasting more IGFA big game world records than any other reel in the industry.

Its timeless design and consistent performance have made it a go-to choice for anglers worldwide. A reel with a legacy spanning decades, the Senator remains an iconic symbol of offshore fishing excellence.

Engineered as a low gear ratio winch, the Senator is a powerhouse designed to conquer the depths. Whether you're battling bottom-dwelling monsters or engaging in a relentless tug of war, the Senator's design ensures it can pull anything off the ocean floor.

Equipped with HT-100 drag washers, the Senator delivers a smooth and consistent drag even under the heaviest loads. When the fight gets intense, you can rely on the PENN Senator to provide the strength and control needed to land your prized catch.

The inclusion of stainless steel frame rings goes beyond aesthetics; it enhances the reel's rigidity, preventing frame-flex even when subjected to formidable forces. The result is a reel that maintains its structural integrity under the toughest conditions.

Crafted with precision, the Bakelite sideplates of the Senator are reinforced with stainless steel rings. This combination not only adds to the reel's robust construction but also contributes to its timeless aesthetic appeal.

The spool of the PENN Senator is meticulously machined from aluminium and anodised to ensure optimal performance and durability. This design choice reflects PENN's commitment to quality and longevity.

The main gear, forged from marine-grade bronze, and the stainless steel pinion gear work in harmony to deliver unmatched strength and reliability. This dynamic gear system is engineered to withstand the harsh marine environment, ensuring your reel stands the test of time.

The multi-disk star drag system of the Senator provides precise and customisable drag settings. Whether you're finesse fishing or battling a behemoth, this feature allows you to adapt to the demands of the moment.

Smoothness and efficiency are paramount in the PENN Senator. With two shielded stainless steel ball bearings, the reel operates seamlessly, ensuring a fluid and enjoyable angling experience.

The heavy-duty clicker is a distinctive feature of the PENN Senator, providing audible feedback when a fish runs. This traditional clicker adds a sensory element to your fishing experience, alerting you to action beneath the surface.

The Penn Senator Star Drag Multiplier is available in one size only comes in a right hand retrieve and is black in colouration.

Key features:
Timeless Design
Universal Star Drag Reel
Low Gear Ratio Winch
HT-100 Drag Washers
Stainless Steel Frame Rings
Bakelite Sideplates
Machined Aluminium Spool
Marine-Grade Bronze Main Gear
Multi-Disk Star Drag System
Two Shielded Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
Heavy-Duty Clicker
Right Hand Retrieve
Black Colouration
Single Size Option

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