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Game Fishing Tackle

Enjoy browsing our extensive range of high-quality game fishing tackle, specially selected to fulfil your every need! Whether you're an avid fly fisherman or prefer spinning, we have the perfect fishing equipment for you. Explore our top recommendations - including premium fly rods, reels, waders, fly lines and fishing flies. Advance your game fishing enjoyment with our exceptional selection of tackle. Shop online today for the best game fishing gear and progress your angling pursuits to new heights!

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Gink Fly Floatant - Angling Active
Special Price £6.99 RRP £7.49
Gehrkes Xink Fly Sink
Special Price £7.49 RRP £7.99
Airflo ComfortZone Deluxe Boat - Angling Active
Special Price £224.99 RRP £249.99
Rio AFS Shooting Heads - Salmon Fly Fishing Line
from £59.99 RRP £64.99
Sage X Two Handed Spey Fly Rods - Double Handed Salmon Fishing
from £849.97 RRP £1,295.00
Frogs Fanny Floatant Fly Treatment - Angling Active
Airflo Airlite V2 Salmon Fly Rods - Double Handed Fishing Rod
from £249.97 RRP £399.99
Redington VICE Fly Rod - Trout Single Handed Fly Fishing Rods
from £234.99 RRP £249.99
Scierra Traxion 1 LW Fly Reel - Fly Fishing Reels
from £74.97 RRP £119.99
RIO InTouch Skagit Trout Spey Fly Line - Trout Fly Fishing Lines
from £74.97 RRP £99.99
Waterworks Lamson Remix Reel 3 Pack - Fly Reels Spare Spools Fly Fishing
from £224.97 RRP £319.90
RIO Saltwater Monofilament - Fishing Lines Tippet Leaders
from £9.99 RRP £10.99
Scientific Anglers Sonar Parabolic Sink Fly Line - Fishing Lines
from £49.97 RRP £109.90
Hardy Ultralite MTX-S Fly Reel - Trout Fly Fishing Reels
from £284.97 RRP £474.99
Waterworks Lamson Remix Reel Smoke - Fly Fishing Reel
from £199.97 RRP £269.90
Greys Fin Fly Combo - Angling Active
from £164.99 RRP £179.99
Reuben Heaton Floating Devon Minnow - Angling Active
from £3.25 RRP £3.99
Hardy Zane Pro Fly Rod - Angling Active
from £399.97 RRP £899.99
Leeda Profil Salmon Cast - Angling Active
from £2.99
Leeda Profil Selecta Cast - Angling Active
from £2.99
Hardy Fortuna Regent Fly Reel - Angling Active
from £569.99 RRP £599.99
Hardy Aydon Switch Fly Rod - Angling Active
from £579.99 RRP £609.99
Daiwa Sensor Clear Monofil 300m - Angling Active
from £5.75 RRP £5.99
FlyLab Acid Fly Reel - Angling Active
from £119.90

Game fishing: also known as sport fishing, is fishing for species such as trout, salmon ang grayling which are highly prized for their fighting abilities and sport value. Game anglers often target these species using fly fishing tackle or spinning tackle but they can also be targeted when bait fishing.

In game fishing, anglers use specialised tackle and techniques to catch these challenging fish species. The tackle typically includes rods, reels, lines and various lures or baits specifically designed to attract and entice the targeted species. Anglers may also use fly fishing techniques which involve casting artificial flies made from feathers, fur and other materials to mimic natural prey and insects.

At Angling Active, we offer a wide range of game fishing tackle to enhance your angling experience. From high-quality rods and reels to specialized lines and fishing flies, we have everything you need to optimise your chances of success on the water. Browse our selection and gear up for your next thrilling game fishing adventure! Our game fishing category is your ultimate destination for trout, grayling and salmon tackle! Whether you're a seasoned angler or just getting started, we've got you covered with a wide range of high-quality fishing gear and equipment to enhance your fishing. Get ready to immerse yourself into the world of game fishing and discover the perfect tackle for your next adventure.


Our extensive range of game fishing rods, covering both fly rods for trout and salmon as well as game fishing spinning rods, are designed to handle the toughest challenges out on the water. From lightweight and sensitive models for delicate presentations to sturdy and powerful rods for battling powerful fish, we have options to suit every angler's preference. Whether you're targeting trout, salmon or other game fish like grayling our rods provide the strength, flexibility and responsiveness needed for a successful days fishing.


Pair your game fishing rod with one of our performance reels and feel the control in your hands. Our selection features a variety of reel types, including both fly reels and spinning reels. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, our reel selection offer smooths line retrieval, excellent drag systems and optimal line capacity. You can trust big brand fishing reels to handle any situation you encounter on the water.


Choosing the right fishing line is crucial for a successful game fishing experience. We offer a wide range of lines suitable for various techniques and conditions. When it comes to fly lines, we have everything from floating lines that excel in surface presentations to sinking fly lines that reach the depths where wary fish reside, our selection ensures you can adapt to any fishing scenario. For spinning, our extensive range of mono and braided fishing lines is sure to contain a line to suit you.


Fly fishing enthusiasts will be impressed by our extensive assortment of fishing flies. Whether you're looking for dry flies, wet flies, nymphs, or streamers, we have a diverse selection of trout fishing flies to entice even the most selective fish. We also have an extensive range of salmon flies including tubes, doubles and singles. Our flies are sourced and selected with meticulous attention to detail, mimicking natural prey and enticing strikes from game fish. Stock up on your favourite patterns or experiment with new ones to increase your chances of success on the water.

Game Fishing Accessories:

To complete your game fishing tackle setup, we offer a range of tools and accessories that are both practical and stylish - increasing your enjoyment while on the water. From fly boxes and tackle bags to fishing waders and fishing vests, we've got everything you need to stay organised and comfortable during your fishing adventures. Don't forget to check out our selection of tools and accessories like nets, line clippers and knot-tying tools to ensure you're fully equipped on the water.

At Angling Active - we pride ourselves on providing top-quality products from trusted brands in the fishing industry. We understand the passion and excitement that comes with the sport and our mission is to supply anglers with the best fishing gear available, ensuring memorable fishing experiences that will last a lifetime.

Whether you're planning a serene day on the river or a thrilling expedition to a remote still water, browse our game fishing tackle category and gear up for your next angling trip. Our team is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect tackle to match your skills and preferences. Tight lines and happy fishing!

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