Pike & Predator Lure Fishing Rods


Welcome to Angling Active's Pike and Predator Lure Fishing Rods category.. Our handpicked collection of lure fishing rods is your key to outwitting and outmanoeuvring elusive predators like pike and perch, ensuring you secure trophy catches with confidence.

Our Pike and Predator Lure Fishing Rods are expertly designed for precision and power. Crafted with sensitivity and strength in mind, these rods are your ultimate tool for casting and retrieving an array of lures, from swimbaits to soft plastics, to tempt and hook even the wariest of predators. Trust Angling Active to provide you with top-tier Pike and Predator Lure Fishing Rods, dive into our selection today and gear up for an exciting adventure!

What is a predator lure rod?

A predator lure rod is a type of fishing rod specifically designed for casting and retrieving artificial lures to target predatory fish. These rods are typically more sensitive and have a faster action, allowing the angler to impart the desired action on the lure and detect subtle bites from fish.

What UK species can I catch with a predator lure rod?

With a predator lure rod in the UK, you can target a variety of predatory species including pike, perch, chub, zander and even saltwater species like bass and mackerel when fishing in coastal waters.

What lengths are predator lure rods?

Predator lure rods come in various lengths, typically ranging from 6 to 10 feet. The choice of length often depends on the type of fishing you're doing. For example, shorter rods are usually preferred for casting in tight spots or when fishing from a boat, while longer rods offer greater casting distance and are suitable for open water scenarios.

What weight of lure can I use with a predator lure rod?

The suitable lure weight for a predator lure rod depends on its casting weight specification. Each rod will have a recommended lure weight range, often stated in grams or ounces. It's important to match the weight of the lure to the rod's specifications to ensure optimal performance and to avoid damaging the rod. For instance, a rod specified for 10-30g lures should not be used with lures weighing more than 30 grams.

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