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Fly Tying Varnish & Glue

Welcome to our Fly Tying Varnish & Superglue category, where the final touches of fly tying come to life. Explore a comprehensive selection of varnishes and superglues designed to elevate your fly patterns and ensure their durability in various fishing conditions.

Our collection features a range of varnishes and superglues that cater to different fly tying needs, from finishing heads and bodies to securing materials with precision. Crafted for ease of use and reliability, these materials provide the foundation for flies that not only look captivating but also perform exceptionally well. Explore our "Fly Tying Varnish & Superglue" now and unlock the potential to create flies that stand out in the water, increasing your chances of fly fishing success!

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Gulff Minuteman Superglue - Fly Tying Glue Materials
Special Price £6.99 RRP £7.50
Gulff UV Curable Varnish - Fly Tying Material Varnishes
Special Price £12.99 RRP £13.99
Veniard UV Reflective Coating - Fly Tying Varnish
Flybox Rock Hard UV Varnish - Fly Tying Varnishes
Gulff Minute Man Superglue Gel - Fly Tying Material
Special Price £6.99 RRP £7.50
Flybox Rock Hard Varnish - Fly Tying Varnishes
Floo Gloo
Zap A Gap - Zapagap Fishing Super Glue
from £6.25 RRP £6.50
Zap Gel - Fly Tying Fishing Glue Adhesive
Sybai Fly Tying Lacquer Varnish - Fly Tying
from £3.50
Veniard Brush Coat Varnish - Flying Tying Coating Finishes
Hareline Watershed - Waterproof Liquid Treatment
Fulling Mill Fishing Superglue - Angling Active
Special Price £5.95 RRP £7.25
Zap A Gap Brush On - Zapagap Fishing Super Glue
Special Price £6.25 RRP £6.50
Loon Outdoors Hard Head Fly Finish - Fly Tying Varnish
from £5.97 RRP £6.99
Cellire Super Quality Varnish
from £2.75
Cellire Unitit Thinner
Special Price £2.50 RRP £2.75