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We have one of the largest ranges of the finest quality fly tying feathers available to buy online. Feathers are one of the most visible parts of your fly tying creation so finding the correct size, colour and quality is important. To help you we stock a wide selection from top producers like Keough, Metz, Natures Spirit, Semperfli, Turrall and Veniard. If you are looking to expand your fly tying material collection then our range of individual or bulk packs of loose feathers are a cost effective way to ensure you have the required feathers to hand, in every conceivable colour and size. For those who tie a large volume of flies, either commercially or as a hobby for your friends and family, then our full capes like the Veniard Premium Cock Capes, Metz Necks and Metz Saddles are your best choice as they offer the largest volume of usable feathers for the investment. We also import a wide range of feathers from the USA to ensure you have the highest quality, most vibrant feathers to enhance your fly tying patterns. You can shop with confidence when buying your feathers from Angling Active as we have live stock control on our website and our relationships with suppliers ensures we can keep our prices competitive. Our selection of Feathers, Capes and Saddles have been specially selected by our producers to offer fly tyers the most usable materials per purchase.

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  • Metz Grade 1 Cock Saddle - Fly Tying Feathers Capes
  • Veniard Pheasant Hen Centre Tail Feathers - Wet Trout Fly Tying
  • Veniard Short Cock Neck Hackles Feathers - Salmon Wet Trout Fly Tying

    Veniard Short Cock Neck Hackles

    Regular Price: £2.65

    Special Price £2.57

  • Veniard Golden Pheasant Tippet Feathers - Salmon Wet Trout Flies
  • Metz Cock Microbarb Saddle - Fly Tying Feathers
  • Veniard CDC Gland Bulk Pack (Cul De Canard) - Trout Dry Fly Tying Flies
  • Metz Grade 3 Half Cock Necks Feathers - Trout Fly Tying
  • Veniard Chinese Cock Neck Capes - Wet Salmon Trout Fly Tying
  • Veniard Genetic Hen Capes Feathers - Fly Tying Materials
  • Hareline Coq De Leon Feathers - Fly Tying Feathers
  • Veniard Small Selected Guinea Fowl Feathers - Fly Tying Trout Hackles
  • Flybox Premium Marabou Feathers - Fly Tying Materials
  • Veniard Jungle Cock Substitute Feathers - Trout Salmon Fly Tying

    Veniard Jungle Cock Substitute

    Regular Price: £2.25

    Special Price £2.17

  • Turrall Indian Cock Neck Feathers - Trout Fly Tying
  • Veniard Large Cock Neck Hackles Feathers - Salmon Wet Trout Fly Tying

    Veniard Large Cock Neck Hackles

    Regular Price: £2.99

    Special Price £2.97

  • Whiting Farms 4B Hen Neck Capes - Fly Tying Feathers Materials
  • Metz Hatchery Soft Hackle Feathers - Salmon Fly Tying
  • Veniard Golden Pheasant Tippet Collar Feathers - Salmon Trout Fly Tying

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