Fly Fishing Accessories

Looking for essential fly fishing tools & accessories to buy? You arrived at the best place to find fly fishing patches, gadgets and tools that make your life that little bit easier! Enjoy browsing our extensive range, selected to fulfil your fly fishing every need! Whether you're an avid trout fly angler or prefer salmon or grayling fishing, we have the perfect fly fishing accessories for you. Explore our top recommendations - including premium fly patch, zingers, nippers, float carriers and forceps. Improve your fly fishing enjoyment with our exceptional selection of fly fishing tackle accessories.

Fly fishing accessories are essential tools that can enhance your fly fishing endeavours and help you effectively manage your gear. Here's our overview of some common fly fishing gear and accessories and the reasons for using them:

Line Nippers:

These small, sharp cutting tools are used to trim excess fishing line. They are handy for cutting tippet, leaders and fly lines (if required). Line nippers ensure a clean and precise cut, making it easier to tie knots and change flies quickly.

Zingers for fly fishing:

Fishing zingers are retractable holders that attach to your fishing vest or jacket. They are designed to keep essential tools, such as nippers or forceps, easily accessible and within reach. By retracting back after use, zingers prevent your tools from getting lost or dropped in the water.

Boat Drogues:

When fly fishing from a boat, a drogue is used to slow down the drift and stabilise the boat's position. It consists of a large fabric or mesh panel that creates drag when deployed in the water. A drogue helps you control your fishing presentation and prevents the boat from drifting too quickly, allowing for precise casting and presentation of flies.

Floatant Carriers:

Flotant carriers are small containers designed to hold floatant, a substance applied to dry flies to help them stay afloat. A floatant carrier or caddy is great for attaching to fishing clothing so your floatant is always accessible.

Amadou Patches:

Amadou is a spongy material derived from a specific type of fungus. Amadou patches are used to dry out waterlogged flies quickly. By gently pressing the wet fly against the amadou patch, excess water is absorbed and the fly is restored to its original buoyancy, allowing it to float properly.

Fly Line Baskets:

Fly line baskets are collapsible or adjustable trays used to hold excess fly line while wading in the water. They prevent the line from tangling on obstacles and provide a smooth, controlled line release during casting. Fly line baskets are particularly useful in situations where there are obstacles or vegetation around you, reducing the chances of snagging your line or potential damage.

Fly Line Winders:

Fly line winders are compact devices used to neatly store and organise fly lines and backing. They usually consist of a spool or reel with a handle, allowing you to wind the line smoothly and avoid tangles. Fly line winders are convenient for storage, transportation, line/reel changes and line maintenance.

Tippet Holder:

A tippet holder is a small accessory designed to store and dispense tippet material easily. It usually holds multiple spools or compartments to hold different sizes of tippet. With a tippet holder, you can quickly access different tippet sizes while on the water, allowing you to change leaders and adjust to varying fishing conditions quickly.

Fishing Forceps:

Fishing forceps are specialised pliers used for various tasks, such as removing hooks, crimping split shot, or bending wire. They feature a self-locking mechanism and a narrow, serrated tip for secure and precise gripping. Fishing forceps are valuable for hook extraction, especially when dealing with small or deeply embedded hooks.

Fly Patches:

Fly patches are typically made of foam or other hookable materials and are used to store and dry flies while fishing. They can be attached to your fishing vest or bag, providing a convenient place to temporarily store your flies when not in use. Fly patches keep your flies readily accessible and allow them to dry out between uses, extending their lifespan.


A priest is a small, heavy tool used to humanely dispatch caught fish.

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