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Welcome to our comprehensive Threads, Tinsels & Wires category, you'll find all you need to perfect the art of fly tying. Enjoy browsing our expertly chosen selection spooled products for tying quality flies.

Our collection boasts a huge array of colours, materials and sizes, ensuring you have the ideal components to create flies that mimic natural prey with astonishing accuracy. From durable threads for securing materials to flashy tinsels that add an irresistible sparkle, and versatile wires for shaping bodies and adding weight, we've got you covered.

Whether you're a seasoned fly tyer or just starting, our Threads, Tinsels & Wires selection ensures your flies not only look the part but also perform optimally in different fishing conditions. Advance your fly tying experience with confidence, knowing you have the best materials at your disposal – Fast delivery, shop now!


Thread, tinsel and floss are fundamental materials in fly tying, forming the absolute essentials of many patterns and adding both structure and decorative elements. Their diversity in size, color and texture allows for a vast range of fly designs.

What are fly tying threads, tinsels and floss used for?

These materials have several applications in fly tying:

  • Binding: Securely attach materials to the hook.
  • Building: Create body shapes and volume on the fly.
  • Decorating: Add shine, color, and visual interest to patterns.
  • Ribbing: Provide segmentation and added durability to fly bodies.

Fly Tying Threads:

Thread is an essential element, used in almost every fly pattern:

  • Types: Threads come in various materials, with nylon and polyester being the most common. Silk thread is traditional and favored for some specific patterns.
  • Size: Measured in denier or "aught" size (like 8/0 or 6/0), with higher numbers generally indicating thinner threads.
  • Strength: Some threads are designed to be particularly strong, resisting breakage when tightened.
  • Color: Available in a wide range of colors to match or contrast with other fly materials.


Tinsel adds shine and reflectivity to flies:

  • Types: Tinsels can be flat or round. Flat tinsels are used for bodies or ribbing, while round tinsels (often called wire) are mainly used for ribbing.
  • Material: Tinsels can be made from actual metal or synthetic materials that mimic the look of metal.
  • Color: While silver and gold are classic tinsel colors, many others, including holographic variations are available.


Floss provides vibrant color and a smooth or textured body to flies:

  • Types: Floss can be single-strand or multi-strand. Single-strand is often smoother, while multi-strand can be separated for various uses.
  • Material: Traditionally made of silk, most modern flosses are synthetic and provide bright, consistent colors.
  • Use: Floss is wrapped around the hook to form sleek bodies on many wet flies and salmon and trout patterns. It can also be used for tags or butt sections on flies.

Choosing the Right Thread, Tinsel or Floss:

The choice of thread, tinsel, or floss often depends on the specific requirements of the fly pattern being tied. Factors to consider include the desired strength, color, reflectivity and texture. As with many fly tying materials, it's beneficial to have a variety of each to cater to different patterns and tying situations.

In summary, threads, tinsels and floss are central to the craft of fly tying. They offer structural integrity, aesthetic appeal and functionality to a fly, ensuring its effectiveness and durability in the water.

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