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Looking for the best fly fishing rod? you're in the right place to find the best selection of fly rods designed for trout, salmon or grayling fishing. We offer a range of options from top fly rod brands to suit every angler, from beginners to seasoned fly fishermen. Whether you prefer delicate presentations on small streams or casting long distances on big rivers, we’re sure to have something in our range to suit.

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Enjoy browsing our selected fly fishing rod category, where we offer a wide range of top fly rods designed to enhance your fly fishing. Whether you're a seasoned fly fisher or just starting out, our fly rod range include different rod lengths and line weights for various fly fishing styles and target species - including everything from single handed trout fly rods to switch and double handed salmon fly rods, as well as specialist saltwater fly rods and niche trout spey and euro nymphing rods. Let's dig into the world of fly fishing and discover the ideal rod for your next fly fishing trip!

What is a Fly Rod?

A dedicated rod that allows anglers to cast lightweight flies, that imitate natural food sources like insects. These specialised rods are designed to cast the weighted fly line rather than the lure. Fly rods are typically lightweight, responsive and ultra sensitive - enabling you to feel even the lightest take from your target species.

Choosing the correct fly rod size for every fishing scenario:

- Trout Fly Fishing Rods:

When targeting trout, a fly rod with a line rating of 3-8 weight is ideal. These lighter weight rods provide the delicate presentation needed for accurate casts and are perfect for small to medium-sized rivers and streams. River trout fishing rods are typically 3 - 5 weight and stillwater trout rods are usually 6 - 8 weight.

- Salmon Fly Fishing Rods:

For pursuing powerful salmon, we recommend a double handed or switch fly rod size ranging from 7-11 weight. These rods offer the power necessary to handle larger fish and cast modern spey lines, making them well-suited for rivers. Speycating allows the angler to cast with obstacles to the rear, like tree lined banks.

- River Trout/Grayling Fishing:

When fishing in rivers, a versatile fly rod with a size 6 to 9ft and of 3-5 line weight is a great choice. This size range provides the flexibility to handle a variety of conditions.

- Stillwater Bank Fishing:

When bank fishing on UK stillwaters, consider a fly rod line size 9ft to 10ft and between 6-8 line weight. These rods offer the specification needed to reach distant trout feeding zones, making them perfect for casting from the shore.

- Boat Fishing:

When you're out on a boat, a fly rod size 10 to 11ft and of 5-8 line weight is recommended. These slightly more powerful rods can handle larger flies, strong winds and will cast a range of line densities, making them ideal for targeting powerful trout.

Understanding Fly Rod Sizes and Line Ratings:

Fly rods are typically labelled with one or two numbers, such as "5-weight" or "8/9-weight." This number indicates the rod's line weight rating, representing its overall power application and flexibility. Matching the correct weight of line to your rod is considered a "balanced outfit".

Best fly fishing rod brands?:

Our collection features fly fishing rods from industry-leading manufacturers renowned for their expertise and rod design. Explore options from the best fly rod brands such as Hardy, Greys, Sage, Vision, Redington, Daiwa and Shakespeare (among others).

Looking for advice on which fly rod is right for you? Take a look at some of our fly rod buying guides below from our game fishing blog!

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