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Fishing Rod Quivers, Holdalls & Rod Tubes

Explore our Fishing Rod Quivers, Holdalls & Rod Tubes selection for the ultimate protection and transportation of your fishing rods. Whether you're a dedicated angler or a casual fishing enthusiast, having the right equipment is essential. Our range includes rod quivers for multi-rod storage, rod holdalls with padded compartments, and sturdy rod tubes for secure travel. We offer options to accommodate various rod lengths and types, ensuring your valuable gear stays in prime condition.

Keep your rods organized, easily accessible and shielded from damage during transport. Angling Active provides high-quality solutions to meet all your fishing equipment needs. Shop now to safeguard your rods and elevate your fishing experience!

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Snowbee Oxford Rod Tube - Fishing Rods Storage
from £26.99
Leeda Green Plastic Rod Tube
DAM Travel Rod Telescopic Tube Case - Rods Storage
Special Price £79.99 RRP £89.99
Wychwood Competition Rod & Reel Case Quad - Carrying Cover Leeda
Special Price £47.99 RRP £49.99
Simms GTS Rod Reel Case - Rod Tubes Luggage Cases
from £79.90
Fox Camolite Rod Case 12ft 2 Plus 2 - Fishing Rod Cover Bag
Special Price £139.99 RRP £149.99
Tronixpro Replacement Rod Bag - Fishing Accessories
from £9.99 RRP £11.99
Shakespeare SKP Rod Straps - Fishing Rod Bands
Shakespeare SKP Tip Butt Protector - Fishing Rod Bands Straps
Penn Rod Bands - Rod Cover Protection Tip Butt
Special Price £16.99 RRP £17.99
Wychwood Competition Rod and Reel Case - Carry Holdall
from £29.99
Imax Oceanic Competition Quiver - Rod Storage
Special Price £42.99 RRP £54.99
Shakespeare SKP Rod and Reel Protector - Tip Butt Protection Storage
Special Price £13.99 RRP £14.99
Plano Guide Series Airliner Telescopic Rod Tube - Travel Rod Case
Special Price £79.99 RRP £84.99
Simms GTS Rod And Reel Vault Carbon - Angling Active
Airflo Multi Rod Tubes
from £24.97 RRP £39.99
Abu Garcia Rod Cloth Bag
from £9.99 RRP £10.99
Flambeau Bazuka Bazooka Rod Case - Rods Tube Storage
from £89.99 RRP £94.99
Fox R Series Rod Holdall 12ft 3 Rod - Rod Case Storage Bag
Special Price £82.99 RRP £94.99
ProLogic Avenger Padded Rod Holdall 3+3 Rod 12' - Rod Holdall - Rod Bag
Special Price £74.97 RRP £89.99
ProLogic Avenger Padded Multi Sleeve 3 Rod 12' - Rod Sleeve - Rod Case
Special Price £62.99 RRP £69.99
Fox Explorer Tri Sleeve - Fishing Rod Bag Carrying Case Cover
Special Price £66.99 RRP £74.99
Fox Rage Rod Shield Sleeves - Rod Cover Protective Bags
from £8.97 RRP £9.99
Daiwa Prorex Double Rod Sleeve - Fishing Rod Storage Bags Luggage
from £27.99

What is a rod quiver?

A rod quiver is a type of fishing rod carrier designed to hold multiple rods, usually with the reels attached. It's typically a long, slim bag with slots or compartments for each rod and often comes with external pockets for storing banksticks, umbrellas and other accessories. The main purpose of a rod quiver is to allow anglers to easily transport multiple rods to their fishing spot in one convenient package.

What is a rod holdall?

A rod holdall is similar to a rod quiver but usually offers more protection. It's a padded bag designed to hold multiple fishing rods, usually without the reels attached but can offer transport for rods and reels together. Holdalls often have individual compartments for each rod, providing added protection against damage during transportation. Some holdalls also have external pockets or sections for other fishing gear and accessories.

What is a fishing rod tube?

A fishing rod tube is a cylindrical container made of hard materials like plastic, PVC or metal and can be covered in fabric, specifically designed to protect a single fishing rod during transportation or storage. It's particularly popular among fly anglers or those with high-end rods, as the rigid structure of the tube provides maximum protection against bending, breaking or any external pressures.

What are the advantages of a quiver rod holdall?

A quiver rod holdall combines the convenience of a quiver with the protection of a holdall. The advantages include:

1. Easy transportation of multiple rods with reels attached.

2. Padded protection for rods, reducing the risk of damage.

3. External pockets and compartments for additional gear and accessories.

4. Versatility in carrying a variety of rods and equipment setups.

5. Often designed to be weather-resistant, protecting gear from rain or moisture.