Lines for coarse fishing come in three main types – braid, monofilament and fluorocarbon. Mono line is most commonly used as a mainline for styles of coarse fishing. Lighter breaking strain mono is perfect for float fishing and lighter feeder fishing whilst heavy breaking strains are perfect for fishing for larger fish, such as specimen carp or barbel, with bigger leads and feeders. Mono line is also perfect for making hook lengths for various rigs.
Fluorocarbon is ideal for making hook lengths and rigs. It is generally stiffer than mono so it helps prevent tangles and fluoro is almost invisible underwater, perfect for wary fish. Braided line can be used as a mainline or a hook length. Braided mainlines have almost zero stretch so it helps improve bite detection, especially when fishing at long range. Coated braids, with a braid core coated with plastic, are often used for making rigs for carp and specimen fish.