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Sea Fishing Rig Building Components

Welcome to Angling Active's Sea Fishing Rig Building Components category, your one-stop shop for creating custom fishing rigs that meet your exact needs. We offer a comprehensive selection of rig building components to ensure you have the essential tools for crafting rigs that target a variety of species in the saltwater environment.

Our Sea Fishing Rig Building Components are expertly crafted for strength and reliability. From swivels and beads to crimps and clips, our range encompasses all the components required to assemble effective rigs for your saltwater adventures. Explore our diverse array of high-quality components, each designed to endure the rigours of the sea while providing the flexibility to create rigs that suit your fishing style and preferences. Trust Angling Active to provide you with the finest sea fishing rig building components, empowering you to craft rigs that increase your chances of success on every expedition – Browse our selection now!

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Berkley Fusion19 Fast Snaps - Rig Clips
from £4.50 RRP £4.99
Gemini Genie Rig Beads - Sea Fishing Rig Components
from £1.95
Sakuma Rig Crimps - Sea Fishing Rig Components
from £1.99
Fladen Fishing Rig Clips - Sea Fishing Rig Components
Special Price £1.15 RRP £1.25
Leeda Icon Zip Slider Boom - Sea Boat Shore Fishing Weight Clip
Leeda Icon Uptide Boom
Leeda Icon Drift Ledger Boom - Sea Boat Fishing Rig
Leeda Icon Beaded Spreader Boom - Sea Boat Fishing Rig
Gemini SRT Springs - Springs Only - Sea Fishing Tackle Rig Making Components
Gemini Genie Sequins - Sea Fishing Terminal Tackle Rig Components
Gemini Genie Connectors - Sea Fishing Terminal Tackle Rig Making Link
Breakaway Proper Pulley Clips - Sea Fishing Rig Making Components
Special Price £3.25 RRP £3.50
Breakaway Mini Link Clips - Angling Active
Special Price £1.99 RRP £2.25
Fladen Fishing Assorted Colour Beads - Rig Components
from £1.45
The Leeda Black Silicone Tubing - Sea Fishing Terminal Tackle
Leeda Black Beads - Sea Fishing Rig Components
from £1.25
Tronixpro Wire Boom With Swivel - Sea Fishing Terminal Tackle
from £1.99 RRP £2.25
Leeda Oval Luminous Beads - Sea Fishing Rig Components
Leeda Fluorescent Beads - Fishing Rig Components
from £1.25
Sakuma Stainless Hooked Snap - Terminal Tackle
from £1.25
Leeda Luminous Beads - Rig Sea Fishing Beads
from £1.25
Fladen Fishing Luminous Pop Up Beads - Sea Fishing Rig Components
from £1.65
Fladen Fishing Luminous Rubber Rig Stops - Sea Fishing Rig Components
Fladen Fishing Luminous Tubing - Sea Fishing Rig Components
from £0.99

Overview of UK Sea Fishing Rigs and Components

Sea fishing in the UK offers a variety of opportunities to target different species in diverse fishing conditions. Using the right rig can greatly increase your chances of success. This article provides an overview of the types of sea fishing rigs commonly used in the UK and the components needed to make them.

What Types of Sea Fishing Rigs Are There?

There are several types of sea fishing rigs, each designed for specific fishing conditions and target species. Here are some of the most commonly used:

- Running Ledger Rig: Ideal for bottom-feeding species like flatfish and rays.

- Paternoster Rig: Suitable for species that feed off the bottom, such as whiting and cod.

- Float Rig: Good for fishing near the surface, targeting species like mackerel, pollock, wrasse and garfish.

- Pulley Rig: Useful for fishing in areas with snaggy bottoms, targeting species like cod, bass and smoothhound.

- Flapper Rig: Allows the bait to move more naturally, effective for a variety of species.

What Is the Best Rig for Sea Fishing?

The "best" rig for sea fishing depends on various factors such as the target species, water depth and fishing conditions. However, the Paternoster Rig is often cited as a versatile and effective option for many types of sea fishing in the UK.

Should I Make My Own Sea Rigs?

Yes, making your own sea rigs can be a rewarding experience and offers several advantages:

Customisation: You can tailor the rig to suit your specific needs and target species.

Cost-Effectiveness: Buying components in bulk can be cheaper than purchasing pre-made rigs.

Quality Control: Making your own rig allows you to ensure the quality of the components used.

What Components Do I Need to Make Sea Rigs?

To make your own sea fishing rigs, you'll need a variety of components. Here's a basic list:

Mainline, snood and leader: High-quality fishing line suitable for the target species and fishing conditions.

Swivels: To connect different parts of the rig and reduce line twist.

Hooks: Appropriate size and style for the target species.

Beads: Often used to protect knots and as attractors.