Pike & Predator Fishing Essentials


Discover the essential tools and accessories you need for successful Pike & Predator fishing at Angling Active. Our comprehensive Essentials category encompasses an array of indispensable gear, from landing nets, unhooking mats and bite alarms to baiting tools and bank sticks.

Equipped with these essentials, you'll be well-prepared to handle every aspect of predator fishing. Safely land and handle your catch with our nets and mats, while our bite alarms ensure you never miss a strike. Angling Active offers a carefully curated selection of predator fishing essentials, ensuring you have the right gear for an unforgettable angling experience. Shop now to gear up for success on the water!

What are predator fishing essentials?

Predator fishing essentials include a range of equipment tailored to target predatory fish. Some essentials include safety equipment like wire cutters and long-nosed pliers for unhooking. Pike drop off indicators and unhooking mats.

What do I need to unhook pike?

Unhooking pike safely for both the angler and the fish requires some specific tools. These include long-nosed pliers or forceps to reach and remove deeply set hooks, wire cutters for cutting through hooks if necessary and protective gloves to prevent cuts from the pike's sharp teeth and gill covers. An unhooking mat is also recommended to protect the pike when it's out of the water.

What is an unhooking mat?

An unhooking mat is a padded mat used by anglers to place fish on when unhooking them. The purpose is to protect the fish from injury, especially when dealing with larger species like pike. The soft padding prevents the fish from coming into direct contact with hard or rough surfaces, reducing the risk of scales being damaged or the fish getting injured.

What is a predator net?

A predator net is a type of landing net designed specifically for predatory fish. It typically features a deeper and more robust netting material to safely contain and support larger fish like pike. The mesh is often rubber-coated to prevent hooks from getting tangled and to be gentler on the fish's scales and slime coat.

What weigh scales do I need for pike and/or perch?

For pike and perch fishing, you'll need a reliable and accurate set of weigh scales. Digital scales are popular as they offer precise readings. For pike, which can grow quite large, you might consider scales that go up to at least 30lbs (or higher depending on where you're fishing). For perch, which are generally smaller, scales up to 10lbs should be sufficient. Always ensure the scales are tared with any weigh sling or net used to hold the fish to get an accurate weight.

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