Pike & Predator Fishing Landing Nets

Welcome to Angling Active's Pike & Predator Fishing Nets category, where your fishing success meets professional-grade equipment. Our nets are designed with the predator angler in mind, providing durability and reliability when it counts the most.

Choose from a range of net sizes and handle types to suit your specific needs, ensuring you can confidently secure your catch. Whether you're pursuing pike, perch, or other predatory species, our nets are up to the task. Invest in the right tools for a successful day on the water. Explore our Pike & Predator Fishing Nets collection now and shop with Angling Active for top-quality gear that is up to the job!

What is the best pike landing net?

The best pike landing net largely depends on an angler's specific needs and preferences. Features to consider include the size of the net, quality of the mesh, strength of the frame and the length of the handle. Many anglers prefer nets with rubberized mesh as they are gentler on the fish and less likely to tangle with hooks.

Do I need a landing net for pike?

Yes, a landing net is essential for safely and humanely landing pike. It helps protect the fish from injury, especially when fishing from a high bank or hard surface and aids in controlling the fish while unhooking.

Can I use a landing net from a boat?

Yes, landing nets can be used from boats. In fact, when fishing for larger species from a boat, a landing net often becomes even more crucial to safely bring the fish aboard.

Are folding landing nets any good?

Folding landing nets are excellent for anglers who want to be mobile. They are ideal for those who travel frequently or have limited storage space. However, it's essential to ensure the net's joints are robust and durable.

How big should a pike landing net be?

A pike landing net should be large enough to safely and comfortably accommodate the size of pike you're targeting. A net with a width of 24 to 36 inches is commonly recommended for most pike fishing scenarios.

Are rubber mesh landing nets better?

Rubber mesh landing nets are often preferred because they are gentler on the fish's skin and scales, reducing the risk of injury. Additionally, they are less likely to get hooks tangled, making the unhooking process smoother and safer for both the angler and the fish.

Do I need an extending handle on my pike landing net?

An extending handle can be beneficial when fishing from locations where extra reach is necessary, such as high banks or deep water. It provides added flexibility and ensures that the angler can safely net the fish without overreaching or compromising their balance.

Why do landing nets have a flat bottom?

Landing nets often have a flat bottom to provide a more uniform and supportive surface for the fish once it's in the net. This design helps distribute the fish's weight more evenly and reduces the risk of injury, especially for larger fish.

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