Predator Fishing Hard Lures

Welcome to Angling Active's Pike & Predator Fishing Hard Lures category. Our collection of hard lures is meticulously curated to provide you with an array of lifelike, versatile, and irresistible options for landing pike, perch, and other predatory species.

Hard lures are known for their durability and lifelike action, making them a go-to choice for anglers seeking to provoke aggressive strikes. Our range includes crankbaits, jerkbaits, and swimbait lures, each designed to mimic the appearance and movement of real prey. Explore our selection today and discover the hard lures that will become your secret weapon on the water. Trust Angling Active to provide you with top-quality Pike & Predator Hard Lures!

What is a hard bait lure?

A hard bait lure, commonly referred to as a "hardbody" or "plug", is a type of fishing lure made of wood, plastic or metal. They are rigid and typically designed to imitate fish or other prey items. Hard baits come in various shapes, sizes and designs and can be designed for surface, mid-depth or deep water fishing.

What UK species can I catch with a hard bait?

In the UK, hard baits can be used to target a wide variety of species including pike, perch, bass, trout, salmon, pollack and mackerel. The success with each species will depend on the design, size, and action of the hard bait, as well as how it's presented.

What is a jerkbait for pike?

A jerkbait is a type of hard bait designed specifically for a jerking retrieve. When retrieved with sharp rod twitches, jerkbaits exhibit an erratic, side-to-side action that can entice aggressive strikes from predators like pike. They are often elongated and may either float or suspend in the water column. To get the best from a jerkbait you will need a short stiff fishing rod.

Do hard lures come with rattles inside?

Yes(mostly anyway), many hard lures come with built-in rattles. These rattles produce vibrations and noise underwater, which can attract fish from a distance and often trigger strikes. The rattles can be especially effective in murky waters where visibility is low.

Can I change the hooks on my hard bait?

Yes, you can change the hooks on your hard bait. Many anglers replace the stock hooks with premium ones for better hooking efficiency or when the original hooks become dull or damaged. When changing hooks, it's essential to ensure the new hooks are of appropriate size and weight so as not to adversely affect the lure's action.

What size of hard bait should I use?

The size of the hard bait you should use largely depends on the species you're targeting and the prevalent baitfish or prey in the area. Generally, it's best to "match the hatch," meaning you select a lure size that resembles the local prey items. However, sometimes using a larger or smaller lure can provoke strikes from curious or aggressive fish.

Are surface hard bait lures any good?

Yes, surface hard baits, often known as topwater lures, can be very effective. They create surface disturbances that can attract fish from a distance. The visual strikes on topwater lures can be exhilarating for anglers. They work especially well during dawn, dusk or when fish are feeding near the surface.

Why do some hard baits have segmented/jointed bodies?

Some hard baits have segmented or jointed bodies to produce a more lifelike and fluid swimming action when retrieved. The segments allow the lure to move in an S-shaped pattern, similar to how real fish swim, which can be more enticing to predatory fish.

How do I choose what colour of hard bait lure to fish?

Choosing the right colour can depend on several factors, including water clarity, light conditions and the natural prey in the area. In clear waters, natural and subtle colours tend to work well, while in murky waters, brighter or contrasting colours might be more effective. It's always a good idea to have a variety of colours in your tackle box to experiment and find what's working best on a given day.

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