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Welcome to our Fly Tying Varnish & Resins category, where the final touches of fly tying come to life. Explore a comprehensive selection of varnishes and resins, including UV resins and coloured variants, designed to elevate your fly patterns and ensure their durability in various fishing conditions.

Our collection offers a range of varnishes and resins that cater to different fly tying needs, from finishing heads and bodies to creating attractive hot spots. Crafted for precision, these materials provide the foundation for flies that not only look captivating but also perform exceptionally well. Explore our Fly Tying Varnish & Resins now and unlock the potential to create flies that stand out in the water and increase your chances of fly fishing success!


Finishing a fly often involves adding some form of protective sealed coating to ensure durability, provide a glossy appearance or help achieve a specific look or function. Varnishes and UV resins are among the most popular choices for these purposes in the realm of fly tying.

What are fly tying varnish and UV resins used for?

Fly tying varnish and UV resins serve several purposes:

  • Protection: They seal materials and protect the fly from wear and tear, helping it last longer.
  • Appearance: They can add a glossy finish to a fly, making it more visually appealing to both the angler and the fish.
  • Shaping: UV resins, in particular, can be used to build up body parts of a fly, like heads or thoraxes.
  • Weight: Some UV resins have added density to provide weight to a fly, helping it sink faster.

Fly Tying Varnish:

Varnish has been used in fly tying for many decades. It's a traditional finishing touch to protect thread wraps, add shine and sometimes add a slight depth to the head of the fly. The primary aspects of varnish are:

  • Composition: Traditional varnishes are solvent-based and can be either clear or colored. They provide a smooth, glossy finish when dried.
  • Application: Varnish is applied using a small brush. Depending on the type of varnish, multiple coats might be required to achieve the desired finish.
  • Drying Time: Traditional varnishes take time to dry, often several hours or even overnight, depending on the thickness of the application and environmental factors.

UV Resins:

UV resins have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ease of use and versatility. They offer advantages over traditional varnishes:

  • Composition: UV resins are a form of liquid plastic that hardens almost instantly when exposed to UV light.
  • Application: They can be applied using a brush, needle or directly from the bottle. They are ideal for building up bodies, heads, or other parts of a fly.
  • Curing Time: Unlike traditional varnishes, UV resins cure within seconds when exposed to a UV torch or sunlight. This allows for rapid fly completion and layering of the resin.
  • Varieties: UV resins come in various viscosities, from thin to thick, allowing for different applications. Some are also available with added glitters or colors.

Choosing Between Varnish and UV Resin:

While both varnishes and UV resins have their place in a fly tyer's toolkit, the choice often comes down to personal preference, desired appearance and the specific requirements of the fly being tied. UV resins tend to be more versatile and quick-drying, making them increasingly popular, especially for modern fly patterns. Traditionalists, however, might still prefer the finish and feel of a classic varnish.

In summary, both varnishes and UV resins offer fly tiers the means to protect, enhance, and shape their creations. The best choice often hinges on the specific needs of the fly and the preferences of the tier.

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