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Bite Alarms

Fishing bite alarms detect movement in the line and alert you when a fish has picked up your bait. Electronic bite alarms are most commonly used when coarse or carp fishing when ledgering on the bottom. They allow the angler to bait up or ready other rigs without having to keep an eye on their rod for bites at all times and are especially useful when night fishing. We stock a range of bite alarms, some coming with extra features such as sensitivity control or receivers allowing the alarm to be heard from further away. A bobbin or swing indicator is ideally paired with a bite alarm and allows the angler to see the bite as well as hearing the alarm.
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ProLogic BAT Bite Alarm - Fishing Bite Indicators
from £17.99 RRP £29.99
Fox Mini Micron Alarm Set - Fishing Bite Alarms
Special Price £185.99 RRP £239.99

Dennett Chain Drop Off Indicator - Game Coarse Bite Alarm
Fladen Fishing Kingcarp Bite Indicator - Coarse Fishing Bite Alarms
from £4.99 RRP £7.99
Fox RX+ Micron Alarm - Angling Active
Special Price £187.99 RRP £229.99
Fox Mini Micron Alarm Loose - Angling Active
Special Price £19.97 RRP £34.99
JRC Kurve Slim Indicator Set - Fishing Bite Indicators
Special Price £24.97 RRP £49.99
Fox RX+ Micron 3 Rod Set - Bite Alarms - Bite Alarm Set
Special Price £599.99 RRP £709.99
ProLogic SNZ Slim Hang Bite Indicators - Bobbins Swingers for Fishing
from £9.97 RRP £19.99
Fox Mini Micron - Coarse Fishing Bite Alarm
JRC Radar C4 Bite Alarm - Bite Indication Alarms
from £24.97 RRP £39.99
Fox Micron MX Bite Alarm - Bite Indication Fishing Alarms
Special Price £69.99 RRP £79.99
Ron Thompson B-Alert Bite Alarm With Snag Ears - Coarse Fishing Bite Alarms
Special Price £12.99 RRP £19.99
Fox Micron MX 3 Rod Set - Fishing Bite Alarms
Special Price £249.99 RRP £319.99
Fox MK3 Swingers Bite Indicators - Coarse Bait Fishing
from £29.99
Ron Thompson Ontario Bite Alarm - Fishing Bite Detection Alarms
Special Price £9.99 RRP £12.99
Digital Optonic Bite Alarm
Special Price £7.97 RRP £10.50
JRC Radar CX Bite Alarms - Coarse Bite Indication Kit
from £29.97 RRP £69.99
Ron Thompson Blaster VT Alarm - Bite Alarms
from £9.99 RRP £10.99