Predator Fishing Crankbaits

Welcome to Angling Active's Pike & Predator Fishing Crankbaits category, your gateway to thrilling freshwater predator encounters. Our hand-picked selection of crankbaits is designed to mimic the erratic movements of distressed prey, making them irresistible to pike, perch, and other predatory species.

Crankbaits are known for their versatility, and our collection includes various sizes, colours and diving depths to suit different fishing conditions. Whether you're casting in shallow waters or trolling in deeper lakes, these lures are your go-to choice. Explore our range and discover the crankbaits that will help you put more fish in the net. Get ready for heart-pounding battles with freshwater giants – Shop now!

What is the purpose of a crankbait?

Crankbaits are a type of fishing lure designed to imitate the movement and appearance of baitfish or other small aquatic creatures. They typically have a lip or bill at the front, which causes them to dive and wobble when retrieved. This action mimics the swimming motion of prey, making it attractive to predatory fish.

What are the advantages of using crankbaits?

There are several advantages to using crankbaits:

  • Varied diving depths: Based on their design, crankbaits can target fish at different water depths.
  • Wide coverage: Anglers can cover a large area of water quickly.
  • Versatility: They can be used in various water conditions, from clear to murky.
  • Attractive action: The wobbling motion is enticing to many predatory fish.
  • Multi-species appeal: Effective for a variety of freshwater fish species.

Can I use crankbaits for perch?

Yes, crankbaits can be effective for perch, especially those that are designed to mimic small baitfish. When targeting perch, it's often beneficial to use smaller-sized crankbaits that match the typical prey size for perch in the specific body of water you're fishing.

Can I use crankbaits for pike?

Yes, crankbaits are also effective for pike. Given that pike are aggressive predators, they often respond well to larger crankbaits that have a pronounced wobbling action. Bright colors or patterns that mimic local baitfish can be particularly effective.

What is the difference between a crankbait and a jerkbait?

While both crankbaits and jerkbaits are designed to imitate baitfish, there are differences in their design and retrieval techniques:

  • Crankbait: Features a built-in wobbling action, typically achieved by a steady retrieve. The diving depth is determined by the size and angle of the lure's lip.
  • Jerkbait: Has a more slender profile and relies on the angler to impart action. By using a series of jerks and pauses during retrieval, the jerkbait darts and suspends, mimicking an injured fish.

What size and colour of crankbait should I use?

The size and colour of the crankbait you should use depend on several factors:

  • Targeted species: Larger fish like pike may prefer bigger lures, while smaller species like perch might go for smaller sizes.
  • Water clarity: In clear water, natural and subtle colors often work best. In murky or stained water, brighter and more contrasting colors can be more effective.
  • Local forage: It's often beneficial to "match the hatch," meaning selecting a crankbait that resembles the local prey in both size and color.

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