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Coarse Fishing Terminal Tackle is the tackle at the business end of your fishing line. This tackle must be strong and dependable so we only stock high quality terminal tackle from trusted suppliers. Our range includes the essential items such as, Hooks and pre-tied hooks to nylon as well as hair rigs. You will also find a selection of environmentally friendly lead free fishing weights as well as quality floats, many of which are manufactured in the UK. We also stock varying sizes and types of swim feeders for feeder fishing. Finally if you prefer to hand tie your own rigs you will find our rig component section contains everything you could possibly need for coarse fishing.

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  • Fox Edges Lead Clip Ready Tied Leadcore Leaders - Coarse Fishing Rig Components
  • Daiwa Super Soft Spilt Shot Dispensers - Weights
  • Korda Dark Matter Helicopter Leaders - Rig Components
  • Berkley Easy Clip Swivel

    Berkley Easy Clip Snap Swivel

    Regular Price: £2.99

    Special Price £1.99

  • Pear Sinkers - Lead Fishing Weights

    Pear Sinkers

    From: £0.40
  • Korda Dark Matter Putty - Coarse Fishing Rig Components
  • Korum Running Rig Kit - Rig Components Coarse Fishing
  • Fox Edges Ready Tied Chod Rigs - Coarse Fishing Rigs

    Fox Edges Ready Tied Chod Rigs

    Regular Price: £4.99

    Special Price £3.97

  • Fox Matrix In-Line Cage Feeder - Feeders
  • Daiwa Super Soft Split Shot Refills - Replacement Weights
  • Fox Edges Power Grip Lead Clip Kit - Coarse Fishing Components
  • Barrel Leads - Lead Fishing Weights

    Barrel Leads

  • Dinsmores Ball Legers
  • Daiwa Pellet Wagglers
  • VMC Barrel Swivels Connected - Fishing Tackle Swivel
  • Fox Edges Run Ring Kit - Ledgering Rig Components
  • Korum Quickstops on Hair Rigs

    Korum Quickstops on Hair Rigs

    Regular Price: £2.75

    Special Price £2.67

  • Fladen Fishing Maggot Feeders 20g & 30g - Coarse Game Swim Feeder

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