Trout and Salmon Fly Reels

Reels for fly fishing are used mainly to hold the fly line and allow you to fight fish using the drag. Unlike spinning reels, they are not used for casting. Fly reels are available in various sizes, smaller sizes are used for holding lighter, thinner lines and less backing and will balance light rods well. Bigger fly reels will have more line capacity to load up heavier line weights, hold more backing and will have increased drag pressure, allowing you to fight big fish. It’s best to match the reel size to your rod and the weight of the line you will be using.
Most fly reels feature removable spools but cassette reels have interchangeable plastic spools which make these reels particularly useful for anglers who have multiple lines. The cassettes are generally cheaper than full spools making them more cost effective if you want to carry a range of lines.

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  1. Greys GTS600 Fly Reel
    £105.99 RRP £114.99 Save £9
  2. Greys GX1000
    from £129.97 RRP £249.99 Save £120.02
  3. DAM Quick G-Fly Reel
    from £42.99 RRP £49.99 Save £7
  4. Wychwood PDR Fly Reel
    from £134.99
  5. Hardy Ultradisc Cassette Fly Reel
    from £234.99 RRP £249.99 Save £15
  6. Vision Hero Fly Reel
    from £119.99
  7. Airflo V3 Fly Reel
    from £129.99
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