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Fishing flies or fly fishing lures are an artificial representation of natural flies or other prey that will entice an instinctive reaction, hopefully leading to a hooked fish. Fishing flies are hand tied by commercial tiers or often by the angler themselves. We are one the UK’s largest stockists of Caledonia Fly Companies product range. Our flies have been divided into categories, each offering a choice of designs, colours and sizes. Within our flies and fly boxes section you will find what we consider the highest quality Salmon Flies, Trout Flies and Sea Trout Flies available. A fly angler can never have enough flies as what catches successfully one day can often draw a blank the next. It is an old adage to buy flies in three’s “one to use, one to lose and one to give to a friend”. These flies can also be purchased in fly packs which group our best selling products together by type or use. These packs are great value for money and are ideal gifts for anglers. With all great fly collections it is necessary to store them in a convenient fly box. Fly boxes are small containers used to store artificial flies in a neat and organised manner. Some large fly boxes are optimised to hold vast numbers of flies easily, whereas others are designed for easy access. These smaller boxes are perfect for those ‘on the water’ fly swaps and allow you to always have a wide selection of flies to hand. We stock clip on fly boxes, waterproof fly boxes and plastic fly boxes as well as lightweight fly boxes. Specific fly boxes for carrying dry flies, lures and Salmon tubes can be found in our fly box category.

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  • Snowbee Slimline Silicone Foam Fly Boxes -  Flies Storage Case
  • Olive Perdigon T/B Barbless Nymph - River Bugs Trout Flies
  • Baba Yaga Intruder - Salmon Flies
  • Fulling Mill Clear Silicone Fly Box - Flies Storage Fishing Cases
  • Orvis Aluminium Fly Boxes - Flies Storage Fishing Cases
  • Wychwood Vuefinder Fly Boxes - Flies Storage
  • Black Wotsit Beaded Nymph - Weighted Trout Flies
  • Tacky Fly Fishing Dry Fly Box - Flies Storage Cases
  • Fulling Mill Tactical Slimline Small
  • Blue Gunn Patriot Double - Salmon Flies
  • Shakespeare Sigma Fly Boxes
  • Fulling Mill Tournament Slimline Large
  • Pink Wotsit Beaded Nymph - Weighted Trout Flies
  • White Wotsit Beaded Nymph - Weighted Trout Flies
  • Glo Wotsit Beaded Nymph - Weighted Trout Flies
  • Peacock Perdigon T/B Barbless Nymph - River Bugs Trout Flies
  • Weegie Hotty Lure - Trout Flies
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