Fly Tying Beads

Fly Tying beads, eyes and heads can be great additions to your fly patterns visually enhancing them or helping to create a more enticing action to fool more fish. Beads are a great way to help add weight to your flies and get them down in the water column to those deeper lying fish, with various colours to choose from, such as bright flashy gold and silver beads to hotheads which create a trigger point. Eyes can be a great addition to a fly helping to create a more life like appearance with various sizes and colours available to suit a range of patterns from small pin fry imitations to large saltwater baitfish. Beads are available in a range of sizes, shapes and materials. Larger beads or those made from heavier materials such as tungsten will add more weight to your fly than smaller beads or those made from plastic. Most beads feature a countersunk hole through the middle but specialist beads, such as slotted beads used to create jig fly patterns, are also available. Dumbell or bead chain eyes can also be used in a similar way to standard beads to add weight and attraction to flies. Baitfish heads can also be used to great advantage when tying surface flies or larger streamer patterns for targetting predators both in the fresh and saltwater providing unique actions and enticing movements.

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