Predator - Pike & Perch Fishing Tackle

Our predator fishing tackle section contains the toughest tackle for those who target freshwater predators like Pike, Perch and Zander. Many techniques are employed by the modern predator angler to entice these hard fighting and often aggressive species including lure fishing and dead bait fishing. Lure fishing involves the casting or trolling of a lure, often attached to the line using a wire trace to prevent the fish biting through the line and breaking free. Dead bait fishing is another popular method where the angler sets a rigged bait and hook combination. Angling Active’s carefully selected range of Predator gear has been chosen for its performance, reliability and ultimately its ability to help you catch fish. With some of the biggest brands in stock you will find everything you need for this exciting sport.

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What tackle for pike fishing?

Lure Rods

Pike fishing often requires longer and heavier rods to handle the bigger lures and the potential for larger fish. Look for a lure rod that's 7-9 feet in length with a casting weight of around 30-100 grams. These rods are designed to handle the size and weight of larger pike lures and the fight a pike can give.

Lure Reels

When choosing a reel for pike lure fishing, a larger sized spinning or baitcasting reel is ideal. Ensure it has a smooth drag system as pike are known for their strong power runs and lunges. The reel should be able to hold at least 200 meters of your chosen line.


There's a vast variety of pike lures available including soft plastics, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and crankbaits. Popular choices are large shads, soft rubber lures and big spoons. Colors like silver, gold and natural fish patterns tend to be productive.

Deadbait Rods

These rods are designed for fishing with dead fish as bait. They tend to be stronger and can handle the weight of the heavyish bait and the potential of a big pike. A length of 10-12 feet with a test curve of 2.5-3.5 lbs is common.

Deadbait Reels

Baitrunner style reels are often favored for deadbait fishing as they allow a pike to pick up the bait and run with it before the angler sets the hook. Ensure the reel is large enough to hold plenty of line and has a reliable drag system.

Deadbait Terminal Tackle

When setting up for deadbait fishing, wire traces are essential as pike have sharp teeth that can easily cut through regular fishing line. Use a strong, reliable hook, typically a size 4-8 treble. Also, consider using floats or ledger weights depending on the fishing technique.

What tackle for perch fishing?

Lure Rods

Perch rods are generally lighter than pike rods. A length of 6-8 feet with a casting weight of 5-30 grams is suitable for most perch fishing. This ensures sensitivity to detect the perch's bite and enough backbone to handle a good-sized fish.


A medium-sized spinning reel is ideal for perch. It should be smooth and able to handle lines of 4-10lb strength, with a capacity of at least 150 meters.


Soft plastics, small crankbaits, spinners and jigs are popular lures for perch. Colors such as red, orange, green and natural perch or roach shades are often successful. Sizes ranging from 1-3 inches are typical.

Line Choice

For pike, braid is favored due to its strength and sensitivity. Look for a braid between 30-50lb for deadbait and 15-30lb for lure fishing. For perch, a 4-10lb mono or fluorocarbon line is sufficient. However, if using braid, a 8-15lb range is ideal.

Pike & Perch Bait Options

For pike, popular deadbaits include mackerel, lamprey, sardines, smelt and roach. Always ensure that the baits are good condition - frozen or fresh! For perch, worms, maggots and small fish like minnows can be effective when not using lures.

Remember, local conditions and the specific habits of the fish in your chosen fishing location can vary, so always be prepared to adapt your tactics and tackle accordingly. Safe and happy fishing!

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