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Our predator fishing tackle section contains the toughest tackle for those who target freshwater predators like Pike, Perch and Zander. Many techniques are employed by the modern predator angler to entice these hard fighting and often aggressive species including lure fishing and dead bait fishing. Lure fishing involves the casting or trolling of a lure, often attached to the line using a wire trace to prevent the fish biting through the line and breaking free. Dead bait fishing is another popular method where the angler sets a rigged bait and hook combination. Angling Active’s carefully selected range of Predator gear has been chosen for its performance, reliability and ultimately its ability to help you catch fish. With some of the biggest brands like Prowla, Fox, Shimano and Savage Gear you will find everything you need for this exciting sport.

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  • Shakespeare Telescopic Omni Spinning Rod - Fishing Travel Rods
  • Mitchell Rod Holder - Fishing Accessories Boat Rod Holders
  • Berkley Fishing Gear Line Spool Station - Fishing Accessories Tools Gadgets
  • Berkley Squarebull Hard Lures - Crankbaits Wobblers Plugs
  • Abu Garcia Svartzonker McMio Junior Lures - Crankbaits Wobbler Plugs
  • Berkley Warpig Hard Lures - Crankbaits Wobblers Plugs
  • Berkley PowerBait Power Swimmer Soft Baits - Predator Fishing Lures
  • Berkley PowerBait Ripple Shad - Softbaits Predator Fishing Lures
  • Berkley McMahon Ball Bearing Swivels With Snaps - Fishing Terminal Tackle
  • Pike Pro Rigging Wire - Predator Fishing Lines
  • Pike Pro Pop Up Trace - Predator Fishing Wire Traces
  • Pro Logic SMX Alarm WTS Custom Black - Fishing Bite Alarms Detection

    ProLogic SMX Alarms WTS Kit Custom Black

    Regular Price: £219.99

    Special Price £119.99

  • Abu Garcia Vendetta Casting - Spinning Fishing Rods

    Abu Garcia Vendetta Casting

    Regular Price: £44.99

    Special Price £39.99

  • Egg Bullets Lead Weights - Sinkers

    Egg Bullets

  • Storm Split Tail Seeker Shad - Soft Baits Predator Fishing Lures
  • Vision Big Mama Fly Outfit - Predator Fishing Kits Combos
  • Fox Rage Predator Powerpoint X Strong Trebles - Power Point Predator Fishing Hooks
  • Abu Garcia McPerch Paddle Tail Shad Lure - Soft Baits Fishing Lures

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