Predator Fishing Swivels

Welcome to Angling Active's Pike & Predator Fishing Swivels category, your source for reliable and robust swivels essential for predator angling success. Our swivels are designed to eliminate line twist, ensuring your bait or lure moves naturally and remains enticing to pike, perch, and other trophy predators.

Explore our selection of swivels, including barrel swivels, snap swivels, and more. These small yet critical components provide smooth, tangle-free rotations, allowing you to present your bait or lure with precision. Trust Angling Active to provide you with top-quality Pike & Predator Fishing Swivels, built for strength and reliability!

What should I consider before purchasing swivels for predators?

When purchasing swivels for predator fishing, consider the size and strength of the swivel relative to the target species. Ensure it's strong enough to handle the pull of a large fish. The material is also crucial; stainless steel or brass swivels resist corrosion. Additionally, the design of the swivel can impact its function; a smooth rotation will prevent line twist, especially when using spinning lures. Finally, always ensure that the swivels size is compatible with other tackle components, such as lines and leaders.

Why do some swivels have diamond eyes?

Diamond-eyed swivels have a diamond-shaped eye instead of a round one. This design can make it easier to tie knots and can also reduce the wear on the knot, as the line sits more comfortably within the diamond shape, distributing pressure more evenly than a round eye might.

What is a high-speed swivel?

A high-speed swivel is designed to maintain its rotation functionality even when reeled in at high speeds. This is particularly useful for techniques that involve rapid retrieval or when trolling at higher speeds. The design ensures that the line doesn't get twisted, which can happen when a swivel fails to rotate under speed.

Why are 3-way swivels used for pike fishing?

3-way swivels have three attachment points and are used in pike fishing for various rigging configurations. They allow anglers to attach a main line, a leader with a bait or lure and a weight, all separately. This can be useful in presenting the bait in a specific position in the water column or when wanting to use a "running" setup where the fish can take the bait without feeling the resistance of the weight.

Why are snap links used with pike traces?

Snap links, also known as quick snaps or snap swivels are used with pike traces to allow for quick and easy changes of lures or baits without having to tie a new knot. Pike fishing often involves changing tactics and lures depending on the conditions and the snap links facilitate this process. Additionally, snap links provide a degree of movement, allowing the lure or bait to move more freely and naturally in the water.

What breaking strain of swivel do I need for pike and predator fishing?

The breaking strain of the swivel should match or exceed the strength of the line you're using and be suitable for the size of the target fish. For pike and other large predators, a swivel with a breaking strain of at least 20-30 pounds is typically recommended. However, it's essential to adjust based on the specific circumstances, such as the size of fish you expect to catch or the fishing technique you plan to employ.