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Browse our range of beginners to advanced fly fishing kits for sale - containing fly rods, reels and fly lines, while some also come with extras such as fly leaders and flies. Fly fishing outfits are supplied with a matching rod, fly reel and line set up making it easy for anglers to buy everything they need to get out fly fishing.
Kits with shorter fly rods and lighter line weights, from #4 to #5, are ideal for fishing small stillwaters and rivers whilst heavier line weights of #6 to #7 are used for targeting trout on stillwaters. Heavier combo kits with line weights of #9 are used for pike and saltwater fly fishing. Double handed or spey rod outfits are also available for fishing rivers for salmon and sea trout.

Fly fishing kits, also known as fly fishing combo or fly fishing outfits, are pre-packaged sets that include the essential equipment needed to for a fly fishing starter kit. They are designed to provide beginners or anglers looking for convenience of pre-combined fly fishing outfit. Here's an overview of fly fishing kits and some factors to consider when purchasing one:

Components of a Fly Fishing Kit:

The kit includes a fly rod, which is the main tool for casting the fly line. It is usually a specific length and weight designed for a particular fishing scenario.

Fly Reel: holds the fly line and provides a means for retrieving it. It should match the weight and size of the fly rod included in the kit.

Fly Line: is a specialised weighted line designed for casting flies. It comes in various weights (matching the rod) and types (floating, sinking, or intermediate) depending on the fishing technique and conditions.

Leader and Tippet: some beginners fly kits typically include a basic leader and tippet material. However, you may want to consider purchasing separate leaders and tippet spools.

Flies: Some kits may include a selection of flies. The number and variety of flies can vary, so check the kit's contents to see if it aligns with your fishing needs.

Accessories: Depending on the kit, you might find additional accessories like a fly box, sunglasses and possibly a carrying case or rod tube.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Fly Fishing Kit:

Skill Level: Consider your skill level as a fly angler. Beginner kits generally have user-friendly equipment and may include instructional materials, while intermediate or advanced kits may offer more advanced fly fishing equipment.

Fishing Environment: Think about where you'll be fishing most often. Different environments, such as freshwater streams, lakes or saltwater, may require specific gear or rod and line weights.

Target Species: Determine the type of fish you'll be targeting. Some kits are designed for trout fishing, while others are more suitable for pike, salmon or saltwater species. Ensure the kit matches your target species.

Rod Weight: Fly rods are categorised by weight, such as 3wt, 5wt or 8wt. Consider the fish species and average fly size you plan to use. Lighter weights are suitable for small trout, while heavier weights are better for larger fish or windy conditions.

Quality and Brand Reputation: Research the brand reputation and the overall quality of the kit. Read reviews and seek recommendations from experienced anglers to ensure you're investing in a reliable and durable kit.

Price: Prices can vary significantly, depending on the quality of materials and included accessories. Overly cheap kits that may sacrifice quality, performance or longevity.

Upgradeability: Determine if the kit components can be upgraded or replaced individually over time. Some kits are designed as entry-level packages, while others offer more flexibility for future equipment upgrades.

By considering these factors, you can select a fly fishing kit that matches your skill level, fishing needs and budget. It's worth noting that as your fly fishing skills progress, you may find the need to upgrade individual components to suit your specific preferences and fishing conditions.

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