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Pike Fishing Bait

Welcome to Angling Active's Pike Fishing Baits category, your ultimate resource for luring and landing trophy pike. Our meticulously curated collection of pike baits and bait accessories is designed to provide you with the most effective bait options for your pike fishing endeavours.

Pike Fishing demands baits that not only attracts but also trigger the predatory instincts of these apex predators. Our frozen baits, including deadbaits and bait oils/flavourings, are expertly selected to offer the perfect balance between scent, taste, and presentation. These baits are designed to provoke aggressive strikes from pike and increase your chances of success. In addition to baits, our category includes essential bait accessories such as bait elastic, oils, and flavourings, allowing you to customize and enhance your baits for specific fishing scenarios. Explore our range of versatile baits and accessories, each optimized for different pike fishing techniques and conditions. Trust Angling Active to provide you with top-quality Pike Fishing Baits and accessories, designed to elevate your game and secure your angling triumphs - Please note, our frozen bait is available in-store only.

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Holy Mackerel Predator Bait Sprays - Angling Active
from £6.99
Allcock Bait Needle
Pike Pro Deadbait Needle - Fishing Accessories Tools
Inova Bait Binder - Sea Fishing Bait Elastic Dispenser
Special Price £10.99 RRP £12.99
Holy Mackerel Fish Oils 1L North Atlantic Jerry Can - Bait Additives
from £14.99 RRP £15.99
Fladen Fishing Bait Elastic - Bait Fishing Spools
Special Price £1.95 RRP £2.50
Tronixpro Bait Elastic Dispenser - Bait Fishing Accessories
Special Price £1.75 RRP £2.19
Pike Pro Bait Scissors - Angling Active
Special Price £7.50 RRP £7.99
Holy Mackerel Fish Oils - Fishing Bait Additives
from £6.99
Fox Towel - Cloth Drying Accessory
Tronixpro Baitex Elastic - Sea Predator Fishing Terminal Tackle
from £4.75 RRP £4.99
Fiiish Attractant - Fish Oils and Attractants
from £10.99
Tronixpro Bait Elastic - Bait Fishing Accessories
from £1.99 RRP £2.19
Seatech Storm Deluxe Bait Elastic - Angling Active
Holy Mackerel Predator Syringe Kit - Deadbait Oil Kit
Inova Bait Binder Spare Elastic - Bait Elastic
from £2.45 RRP £3.25
Sakuma Bait Elastic
from £2.25
Fox Rage Predator Deadbait Oil and Air Kit - Predator Fishing
Pike Pro Liquid Dye Yellow
from £6.99
Pike Pro Liquid Oil Red
from £6.99
Pike Pro Oil and Air Kit
Pike Pro Pike Bomber
Baitbox Eel Maxi Chunks
Baitbox Herring Jacks

What can be used for pike bait?

Pike are opportunistic predators and will take a variety of baits. Common baits for pike include small fish such as roach, rudd, perch and smelt. Deadbaits, artificial lures and soft plastic baits can also be effective for targeting pike.

What is frozen pike bait?

Frozen pike bait refers to baitfish that have been preserved by freezing. These can include fish like mackerel, smelt or roach. Freezing baitfish helps preserve their freshness for use at a later time, making it a convenient option for many anglers.

Can pike bait be used when it's frozen?

While it's possible to use frozen bait, it's generally more effective to thaw the bait before presenting it to pike. Thawed bait releases more scent into the water, which can attract more pike and elicit more strikes. However, in a pinch, frozen bait can still catch pike, especially in colder water conditions.

Why freeze pike baits?

Anglers freeze pike baits to preserve their freshness and ensure they have bait available for future fishing trips. Freezing baits prevents them from decaying and retains most of their natural scent and appearance, making them effective for longer periods.

What is live baiting?

Live baiting refers to the practice of using live fish or other aquatic organisms as bait to attract and catch predatory fish. The movement and vibrations produced by the live bait can be irresistible to predators like pike, making it a very effective technique in certain conditions.

Is live baiting banned in Scotland?

Yes, live baiting is banned in many parts of Scotland. The practice can pose risks to local fish populations by introducing disease or invasive species. Always check local regulations before fishing to ensure you are in compliance.

What is the best pike bait?

The "best" pike bait can vary based on local conditions, the time of year and individual fish preferences. However, many anglers swear by certain baits like smelt, roach, trout or mackerel. Artificial lures such as spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, and soft plastics can also be highly effective, especially when pike are actively feeding.