Hanked Flash & Fibres For Fly Tying

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All you need to know about hanked synthetic flash and fibres for fly tying

Fly tying involves utilising a range of materials to create effective and enticing fly patterns. Amongst these materials, hanked synthetic flash and fibres have emerged as crucial components for adding sparkle, colour, and movement to a variety of fly patterns, enhancing their attractiveness to fish.

What is hanked synthetic flash and fibres used for?

The application of hanked synthetic flash and fibres serves various purposes in fly tying:

  • Attractiveness: Flash and fibres add sparkle and shine, increasing a fly's visibility and allure.
  • Imitating Prey: They help in mimicking the appearance of baitfish, insects and other prey items by adding a lifelike shimmer and movement.
  • Adding Movement: Fibres contribute additional movement to the fly, making it more dynamic in the water.

Popular Hanked Synthetic Flash and Fibres:

Several types of synthetic flash and fibres are renowned for their effectiveness in various fly tying applications:

  • Flashabou: A widely used synthetic material known for its bright, reflective properties, used in a variety of streamers and saltwater fly patterns.
  • Crystal Flash: A twisted, iridescent material that reflects light effectively, adding sparkle and shimmer to a wide range of flies.
  • EP Fibres: Short for Enrico Puglisi fibres, these are known for their ability to shed water quickly and their suitability for creating baitfish imitations.
  • Funky Fibre: A soft synthetic material, ideal for tying baitfish patterns due to its movement in the water and ease of use.
  • Angel Hair: A fine, flashy material that adds a subtle shine to flies, frequently used in both freshwater and saltwater patterns.

Selecting Suitable Synthetic Flash and Fibres:

Choosing the right synthetic flash and fibres involves considering various aspects:

  • Fly Type: Determine the fly you're tying and select materials that complement its intended purpose and target species.
  • Water Conditions: Take into account the clarity and light conditions of the water to opt for a suitable level of flash.
  • Fish Species: Consider the preferences and feeding habits of the target fish species.
  • Quality: Ensure the materials are of good quality to withstand the rigours of fishing.

Effective Application of Hanked Synthetic Flash and Fibres:

To maximise their efficacy, it’s vital to apply hanked synthetic flash and fibres appropriately:

  • Ensure the material is tied securely to avoid slippage during fishing.
  • Integrate the flash and fibres in a way that they mimic natural prey, considering aspects like length, density, and alignment.
  • Mix different types of flash or fibres to create a multi-dimensional and enticing appearance.

In conclusion, hanked synthetic flash and fibres serve as invaluable tools for the modern fly tyer, providing the means to incorporate vibrancy, movement, and mimicry into their creations. By thoughtfully selecting and implementing these materials, tyers can enhance the enticement of their flies, potentially increasing their success on the water.