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Terminal Tackle that is specially designed for Pike and Predator fishing is often the strongest and most durable terminal tackle available. We have hand picked the strongest pike/predator fishing hooks and trebles as well as pre tied pike wire traces and rigs that are perfect for mounting your lures or dead baits. This section of our site also contains those essential items like strong trebles, clips, multi-strand pike wire, split rings and other rig components needed to create your own custom predator rigs for either bait or lure fishing. You will also find predator floats and dead bait floats as well as a choice of bait elastic to help improve the presentation of your bait rigs. Our comprehensive range of Pike/Predator Terminal Tackle ensures, no matter what you’re looking for, it can be found within this category.

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  • Pike Pro Rigging Wire - Predator Fishing Lines
  • Pike Pro Pop Up Trace - Predator Fishing Wire Traces
  • Egg Bullets Lead Weights - Sinkers

    Egg Bullets

  • Fox Rage Predator Powerpoint X Strong Trebles - Power Point Predator Fishing Hooks
  • Berkley Easy Clip Swivel

    Berkley Easy Clip Snap Swivel

    Regular Price: £2.99

    Special Price £1.99

  • Z-Man Finesse BulletZ Jigheads - Weedless Soft Lure Hooks
  • Savage Gear Spin Shad Stingers - Soft Lures Wire Traces

    Savage Gear Spin Shad Stingers

    Regular Price: £6.49

    Special Price £5.97

  • BFT Triple S Jighead - Fishing Hooks

    BFT Triple S Jighead

    From: £5.99
  • Gadda Baits Titanium Trace - Predator Fishing Traces
  • Fox Rage Finesse Jig Heads - Fishing Hooks
  • Fox Camotex Distance Leads - Coarse Fishing Weights
  • Fox Rage Predator HD Slim Slider Float - Fishing Floats
  • Z-Man Finesse ShroomZ Jigheads - Soft Lure Hooks
  • Mustad 3mm Shrink Tube for Rigs
  • Gadda Baits Ready Made Trace - Predator Wire Fishing Traces
  • Savage Gear Regenerator Trace - Copolymer Line Predator Traces

    Savage Gear Regenerator Trace

    Regular Price: £3.49

    Special Price £2.99

  • Savage Gear Spin Swivels Snaps - Fishing Tackle Rig Components

    Savage Gear Spin Swivels

    Regular Price: £3.29

    Special Price £2.99

  • Drennan Float Stops

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