Sea Fishing Nets

Welcome to Angling Active's Sea Fishing Nets category, where we offer a wide selection of nets designed to help you secure your prized catches with ease. Our carefully curated collection of sea fishing nets is built to provide durability, convenience, and reliability for your angling adventures.

Our Sea Fishing Nets are expertly crafted with high-quality materials that ensure they stand up to the rigours of saltwater fishing. From landing nets to dropnets and gaffs, our range is designed to suit various fishing styles and species, guaranteeing you have the right tool for the job. Dive into our selection today, and equip yourself with the tools that will help make sure you land that prize catch. Your success begins with Angling Active!

Do I Need a Landing Net for Sea Fishing?

Whether or not you need a landing net for sea fishing largely depends on the type of fishing you are doing and the species you're targeting. For boat fishing, a landing net can be extremely helpful for bringing larger fish safely into the boat. The net allows you to control the fish more effectively, reducing the risk of losing it at the last moment. For shore fishing, a landing net may be less critical but can still be useful for landing fish that are difficult to handle or for species that have sharp teeth or spines. Overall, while you can certainly fish without a landing net, having one can make the process smoother and more humane for the fish.

What Is a Drop Net for Sea Fishing?

A drop net for sea fishing is a type of net used primarily for fishing from elevated platforms like piers, cliffs or harbors. The drop net is usually circular or semi-circular and is lowered vertically down into the water using a rope. Once the net is in place, bait can be added to the center to attract fish. When you feel or see fish are in the net, it is then raised to retrieve your catch. Drop nets are particularly useful for capturing species that frequent structures or that are found close to the bottom.

Do I Need a Drop Net for Pier Fishing?

If you are planning on pier fishing, a drop net can be a valuable addition to your gear. While it's possible to fish from a pier without one, using a drop net can make it easier to land fish that are caught at a distance from the pier's edge or in conditions where lifting the fish directly out of the water could be challenging. This is particularly true for larger species that may be difficult to lift with just a fishing line. Additionally, a drop net allows you to catch species that might not readily take a hook and line, giving you more versatility in your fishing approach.