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Explore Angling Active’s Fishing Clothing collection for top-quality gear that keeps you comfortable and protected on the water. From waterproof jackets to UV-protective shirts, our range is designed to meet the needs of every angler. Stay dry in the wettest conditions, shielded from the harshest sun, and warm on chilly days.

We offer clothing from the top brands in fishing, ensuring you get the best performance and durability. Whether you're into sea fishing, freshwater angling or fly fishing, we have the right apparel for you. Shop now to make your fishing trips more enjoyable and productive. Angling Active has you covered, literally!

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What clothing to wear for fishing?


Fishing jackets are tailored to provide warmth, protection from the elements and ample storage for tackle. Many are designed to be windproof and waterproof, with multiple pockets to store essential tools and baits. They often come with adjustable cuffs, high collars and hoods to offer better protection against adverse weather conditions.


Fishing trousers are designed to be both durable and comfortable. Many come with reinforced knee sections, multiple pockets and are made from materials that are water-resistant to keep the angler dry when fishing from wet terrains or during rain.

Thermal Suits

Are essential for anglers who fish in colder climates. They are usually made of a layered fabric system that traps heat, ensuring the angler remains warm. Most thermal suits consist of a jacket and trousers and they often come with features like fleece-lined pockets and storm cuffs for added comfort and protection.


Are particularly popular among fly fishermen. These vests have a multitude of pockets and compartments designed to hold flies, tools and other necessary items. They provide easy access to gear and are typically lightweight, ensuring freedom of movement.


Can be crucial for protection from both the sun and cold. In sunny conditions, wide-brimmed hats or caps with a visor help shield the face and neck from harmful UV rays. In colder weather, wool or fleece hats help retain body heat.


Fishing gloves are designed to protect the hands while still allowing for dexterity. Some are fingerless for better grip and handling of tackle, while others are fully covered and insulated for warmth in colder conditions.


Waders can extend up to the chest, allowing an angler to wade into water without getting wet. They are especially useful for river and stream fishing. They can be made from various materials, including neoprene and rubber.

Wading Boots

Wading boots are designed to be worn with stockingfoot waders. They provide the necessary grip on slippery underwater surfaces and protect the angler's feet from sharp objects. They come in felt, rubber, and studded sole varieties.

Waterproofing Fishing Clothing

Waterproof clothing is indispensable in fishing for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures the angler remains dry, which is essential for comfort and health, especially during prolonged sessions. It also protects against winds, which can dramatically decrease body temperature when combined with wet clothing. Additionally, staying dry can be a matter of safety in colder climates where hypothermia is a concern.

Gore-tex fishing cloth

Gore-Tex is a membrane used in many outdoor clothing items, including fishing apparel. It's renowned for its ability to be both waterproof and breathable. This means that while it keeps external moisture out, it allows internal moisture (like sweat) to evaporate. This dual function ensures the wearer stays dry from both external elements and perspiration, making it highly valued in outdoor and active gear.

Selecting the right fishing clothing is as essential as choosing the correct tackle. Ensuring you are adequately protected allows you to focus solely on the fishing, enhancing your overall experience.

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