Predator Fishing Fixed Spool Reels


Browse our range of fixed spool predator reels for sale. Our selection of fixed spool reels are sourced to provide you with a smooth feel and strength required for targeting pike and predators with full control.

Our Predator Fishing Fixed Spool Reels are engineered for performance and durability. Crafted to handle the unique challenges of predator fishing, they offer the sensitivity needed for finesse presentations and the power to control ferocious strikes. Whether you're deadbaiting for pike or lure fishing for perch, our reels ensure every moment on the water counts. Trust Angling Active to provide you with top-tier Predator Fishing Fixed Spool Reels, designed to improve your predator catch rates. Your next trophy predator awaits!

Can I use a fixed spool reel for pike and predator fishing?

Yes, you can use a fixed spool reel for pike and predator fishing. Many anglers prefer fixed spool reels for their versatility and ease of use, especially when casting lures or dead baits. However, it's important to ensure that the reel you choose is appropriately sized and has a strong enough drag system to handle the power of pike and other predatory fish.

What is a fixed spool reel?

A fixed spool reel, also known as a spinning reel, is a type of fishing reel where the spool remains stationary during the cast. The line is released in coils off the end of the spool. When reeling in, the line is retrieved onto the spool by a rotating bail arm. This design contrasts with multiplier or baitcasting reels where the spool revolves during the cast.

Are fixed spool reels good for perch fishing?

Yes, fixed spool reels are excellent for perch fishing. Their design allows for precise and long casts, which can be advantageous when targeting perch, especially with light lures or jigs. The ease of use and versatility of fixed spool reels make them a popular choice among anglers pursuing perch and other similar freshwater species.

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