Fishing Jackets


Stay warm and dry with a brand new fishing jacket! You're in the right place to find the best style of fishing coat; from waterproof & breathable (GORE-TEX) jackets, fly fishing jackets, sea fishing jackets, Simms fishing jackets or thermal fishing jackets.

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Fishing Jackets - FAQ's

What coats are best for fishermen?

The best fishing coats are those that are waterproof, breathable and warm. Depending on the type of fishing and the conditions - features such as multiple pockets, storm cuffs and an adjustable hood might also be essential. Brands like Simms fishing products are well-known for producing high-quality fishing jackets.

Are fishing jackets waterproof?

Yes, most waterproof fishing jackets are manufactured to be waterproof and protect anglers from rain and the elements. They often have special water repellent coatings or laminated fabrics to ensure water resistance.

Why are some fishing jackets short i.e wading jackets and why are others longer?

Wading jackets are shorter to allow anglers to wade into water without the bottom of the jacket getting submerged. Longer jackets provide more coverage and protection from rain and wind when on a boat or bank fishing.

Should I buy a warm jacket for fishing?

If you plan to fish in colder conditions through winter, it's advisable to buy a warm fishing jacket, preferably one with thermal insulating layers. Layering can help regulate body temperature and ensure comfort.

What size of fishing jacket should I buy?

Fishing jackets are ergonomically designed with the anglers (casting) movement in mind. Other features like large pockets for tackle, D-rings for tools and articulated sleeves, adjustable cuffs for better casting mobility.

Can I buy a gore-tex fishing jacket?

While Gore-Tex itself doesn't manufacture fishing jackets, they produce a waterproof and breathable membrane that many top fishing apparel brands like Simms use in their jackets.

Can a waterproof jacket be breathable?

Yes, modern waterproof jackets can also be breathable. Technologies like Gore-Tex and other breathable fabrics provide waterproof protection while allowing moisture from sweat to escape, ensuring the angler stays dry both inside and out.

Are nylon material fishing jackets 100% waterproof?

Nylon can be incredibly water-resistant when treated treated with water repellent finishes, but not 100% waterproof on its own. For a nylon fishing jacket to be fully waterproof, it often has additional coatings or the jacket material will have laminate membrane on the backside.

What are the best waterproof fishing jackets?

The waterproofness of a jacket is measured using a hydrostatic head test. It measures how much water pressure (in millimeters) the fabric can withstand before leaking. A higher hydrostatic head rating indicates greater waterproofness. For a garment to be considered waterproof, it typically needs a rating of at least 1,500mm, although many fishing jackets exceed this considerably.

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