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Trout and Salmon spinning is a popular style of fishing that can be broadly broken down into two types, either bait spinning or lure spinning. Spinning with lures involves the casting of a Metal, Plastic or Rubber lure often shaped like a small fish. The lure is then retrieved through the water in an effort to entice either a feeding or aggressive reaction from the fish. Bait fishing or bait spinning for Trout or Salmon involves casting a hook loaded with bait, like a worm or maggot, attached to the end the line along with either a float or a weight. To begin spin or bait fishing the basic requirements are a rod, reel, line and either a hooked lure or some hooks with some bait. You can then build upon this basic kit as your experience and needs grow. Here at Angling Active you will find purpose designed lure fishing rods and bait fishing rods from the biggest brands. We also stock Fixed spool spinning reels and Multiplier/Baitcasting spinning reels, all of which are perfect for anglers looking to target game fish like Trout or Salmon. To help you look after and maintain your rod or reel, a range of accessories can be found within this category. Finally we have put together our own spinning kits for anglers who would like a complete outfit, ready to fish. There are kits here that are perfect for newcomers to spinning, who only fish once or twice a year on holiday, as well as pro kits that offer excellent value for money to experienced anglers.

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  1. Prowla Tip and Butt Protector
    Special Price £7.97 RRP £7.99 Save £0.02
  2. Shimano Baitrunner X-Aero RA
    £179.99 RRP £249.99 Save £70
  3. Airflo Multi Rod Tubes
    £24.97 RRP £29.99 Save £5.02
  4. Snowbee Oxford Rod Tube
    from £22.99 RRP £25.99 Save £3
  5. Prologic Deluxe Butt Klinger Rod Rest
    from £6.49 RRP £7.49 Save £1
  6. Shakespeare Firebird Spin Combo
    from £22.97 RRP £26.99 Save £4.02
  7. DAM Travel Rod Telescopic Tube
    Special Price £74.99 RRP £84.99 Save £10
  8. DAM Backbone Bolo
    £22.99 RRP £24.99 Save £2
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