Sea Fishing Weights

Welcome to Angling Active's Sea Fishing Weights category, where precision meets performance. We offer a comprehensive selection of sea fishing weights, including grip leads and more, to ensure your bait reaches the desired depths and stays there, where the big catches await.

Our Sea Fishing Weights are expertly designed for stability and control, allowing you to adapt to changing tides and currents with ease. Crafted from quality materials, our weights are built to endure the harsh saltwater environment, providing reliability trip after trip. Explore our range of grip leads, ball weights, and other sinkers, each tailored to suit different fishing scenarios and target species. Whether you're casting from shore, boat, or pier, our sea fishing weights will help you maintain bait presentation and improve your chances of success. Shop our selection today and prepare for a rewarding angling experience like no other!

Types of Sea Fishing Weights

Sea fishing weights come in various types and sizes, each serving a specific purpose based on the fishing technique being used, water conditions, and the target species. Below are some of the common types of sea fishing weights:

- Sea Leads are versatile weights commonly used in sea fishing. They're typically shaped like a small ball or pyramid and are ideal for casting long distances. Sea leads are useful for general-purpose shore fishing and for anglers who are fishing in relatively calm conditions.

- Boat Leads are weights specifically designed for fishing from boats. They usually have a streamlined design to reduce drag when being dropped to the bottom. They are ideal for bottom fishing and are commonly used in deep water conditions.

- Watch Leads are flat and circular, resembling the shape of a pocket watch. These leads lie flat on the seabed and are ideal for fishing in areas with strong tides or currents, as they resist being swept away.

- Drilled Bullets are bullet-shaped weights with a hole drilled through them. They are often used for lure fishing and are ideal for situations where a quick change of weight is necessary.

- Gripper Leads are designed with wire "grips" that dig into the seabed, making them useful for fishing in areas with strong currents or tides. They hold the bait in place effectively, even in challenging conditions.

What Weight Should I Use for Sea Fishing?

The weight you should use for sea fishing depends on multiple factors including:

- Type of Fishing: Are you fishing from the shore or a boat?

- Current Conditions: Is the water calm or are there strong tides?

- Target Species: Different species require different presentations.

For shore fishing, weights between 2 to 5 ounces are usually sufficient for calm conditions. In strong tides, you may need to go up to 6 to 8 ounces or even heavier.

For boat fishing, weights of 8 ounces to 16 ounces are commonly used, especially if you're fishing in deeper water or stronger currents.

What Size of Weight Should I Use for Sea Fishing?

The size of the weight generally correlates with its weight. Smaller sizes are good for shallow water and lighter tides, while larger sizes are needed for deep water and strong tides. Adjust the size of the weight based on the factors mentioned above to maximize your chances of a successful catch.

What is a Gripper Lead Used For?

Gripper Leads are used to keep the bait in a fixed position, especially in waters with strong currents or tides. The wire grips on the lead dig into the seabed, preventing the bait from being swept away. This is especially useful when you're targeting species that prefer to pick up bait from a stationary position.

By understanding the types of weights and the conditions they are suited for, you can make an informed decision on what to use during your sea fishing expeditions.

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