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Tube Fly Tubing

Welcome to our Tube Fly Tubing category, your go-to destination for materials that elevate your tube fly game. Explore a comprehensive selection of tube fly tubing, including junction tubing and tube liners, all designed to enhance your fly tying and angling experience.

Our range of tube fly tubing offers versatility, strength, and durability, ensuring that your tube flies not only look enticing but also perform effectively in different fishing conditions. Whether you're targeting salmon, trout, or other species, our tubing materials provide the foundation for secure connections and efficient hook placement. Explore our Tube Fly Tubing selection now and unlock the potential to tie effective tube flies!

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Bottle Tube Liner
Franc N Snaelda Inner Liner Tubing - Plastic Fly Tying Tubes
from £3.85
Rovex Silicone Rig Tubing - Stingers Traces Rig Sleeves
OPST Junction Tubing – Fly Fishing Materials
Veniard Silicone Tubing
from £1.65
Franc N Snaelda Outer Tubing
from £3.99
Veniard Scandinavian Tubing And Liner - Plastic Fly Tying Tubes
from £4.25
Frodin Flies FITS Tubing - Plastic Fly Tying Tubes
from £3.99